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Atmonauti joins the SSA


At the AGM held on 14 May 2008, PASA members voted to include Atmonauti (Atmo) in the SSA stable of disciplines. This will enable the discipline to receive SSA funding in order to develop and promote Atmo around the country. A committee of 4 representatives was elected and, moving forward, this committee will be responsible for working with NSTO to formalise the inclusion of Atmonauti in the PASA Manual of Procedures and for organising training and competition related events. It will also liaise with worldwide efforts to institutionalise competition formats for Atmonauti, with the view to send an SA Atmo contingent to compete at the Atmonauti World Championships from 2008 onwards. A demonstration Atmonauti competition was held at the recent Nationals meet at Skydive Xtreme. Future Nationals meets will include a fully-fledged Atmonauti competition.

The tick boxes on membership application/renewal forms are used as a guideline for allocation of SSA funds. Since there were no tick boxes for Atmonauti at renewal time, we ask that those who wish to support this discipline do so by emailing their preference below to :

Add Atmonauti to existing selection:
Replace existing selection with Atmonauti only:

For more information on Atmonauti, contact

Marco Ciocca Email Marco
Laurence Collard Email Laurence
Michael Nyman Email Michael
Roy Steemson Email Roy