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Canopy Formation Skills Camp
By Tilman Harms

A Canopy Formation Skills Camp was held at the Johannesburg Skydiving Club on 31 May, at which Sharky Annandale and Nico Cilliers did several CF jumps with CF novices to introduce them to this exciting discipline.


Helge Harms and Tilman Harms have been doing regular CF jumps at JSC and a number of members expressed an interest in learning about the discipline. Organisation for this camp started in February this year but, unfortunately, the first planned weekend in March was rained out.

Due to Nationals training and other scheduling conflicts, the next available date was 31 May. CF novices, Gavin Lewis-Walker, Christo Pieterse and Johan Coetzer were coached on the day. They all jumped, they all lived and they all loved it.

We are planning to do some more jumps with them shortly, and to have them on Cat III as soon as possible.

A highlight of the day was a 3-way drag-plane with Sharky, Helge (dragging) and Tilman. Stacks of fun was had by all parties!

If you are keen to learn more about Canopy Formation, contact one of the CF representatives on the SSA:

André le Roux Email André
Tilman Harms Email Tilman
Graham Field Email Graham