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African Freefall Convention 2008/9
By Liz Cooper

Once again, the skies above Mafikeng Airport were filled with brightly-coloured parachutes as the 4th annual African Freefall Convention took place with some 190+ skydivers from all over the world converging on the North West provincial capital for their year-end convention.


This skydiving convention is a fun-filled event where skydivers meet to escape from “normal” life and to jump out of larger aeroplanes than they normally do.

Our overseas organisers Dave Morris from the UK and Marco Tiezzi from Italy worked alongside local professional skydivers to organise record-orientated jumps. One of the major targets of this convention was to build a new SA record of a 50 way. Several groups trained together with a base “core” group with the intention of putting the groups together out the “Herc”. Given the scarcity of such large aircraft, the PAC 750XL, Atlas C4M and the Turbo Let 410 handled the initial skydiver training exceptionally well until the “Herc” arrived.

The Atmonaut’s matched the SA record set last year at the AFFC.

Over 12000 descents have been completed at the AFFC so far.

Music and great food were enjoyed after a full day’s skydiving and laughing and cheers while watching the day’s footage. Every evening great prizes from Garmin, Cypres and ABI were given away, along with a free load from the Atlas C4M for the winner and their friends. After the convention many overseas skydivers took advantage of the good South African weather and went on some game drives viewing including elephants and lions.

Many thanks go out to those who supported us as sponsors, Participates and staff, We look forward to seeing you again this year.

This year’s African Freefall Convention dates are 24th September 2009 – 30th September 2009

Event sponsors:

  • North West Provincial Government
  • 28 Squadron, SA Air Force
  • Garmin
  • Cypres
  • ABI
  • SAB
  • Wake Up
  • Zip 2000

The AFFC 2008/9 DVD is now available.

Contact Liz on 083 949 7894 or