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By Marco Ciocca


Atmonauti has grown from strength to strength in SA, with a number of members obtaining CAT II and CAT III status, as well as the first group of approved Navigators being appointed.

Congratulations go to:

Christiaan Bosch
Rogan Brent
Scott McMillan
Roy Steemson
Michael Nyman
Edward Chambers
Frederik Potgieter
Laurence Collard

Rogan Brent

Laurence Collard
Edward Chambers
Rogan Brent

South Africa was also represented in Rome, Italy, at the ADF PARASHOW in August/September 2008 by Marco Ciocca, placing second in the ARW 2-way, and participating in the linked 13-way formation world record.

AFFC saw the return of Marco Tiezzi and big-way group loads of 15 and upwards. Firsts for South African Atmo included:

  • Linked 4-way Diamond Backmonauti formation
  • Linked 4-way "Y" Backmonauti formation
  • 5 Points in Backmonauti ARW3 (3-way)
  • Linked SA Atmo formation record (slot specific) remains at 7, equal to Australian record.


Preparation is underway by the Atmo SSA Committee for a follow up visit by Marco Tiezzi to South Africa, being hosted at JSC - planned for March/April 2009.

The Judging criteria for the first official Atmonauti National Championship competition format has been developed and distributed by the Atmo SSA Committee, with the assistance of our FAI Judges, to include SFIDA solo competition format and ARW 2-way competition format - both planned to be held at the upcoming Nationals event.

A big thank you, on behalf of the Atmo SSA Committee, to all the participants who have developed and honed their skills in the 2008 year. Well done to all.