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Profile: Colin Rothman

The sport has seen many prolific medal winners over the years and we will be profiling some of these over the next few months. Colin Rothman has the distinction of being the only local skydiver to win 10 consecutive Nationals gold medals in 4-way Formation Skydiving.

Age 38
Started jumping:  1992
Jumps: 3700

Colin has participated in the following competitions:

SA Nationals:
1994 - Bronze (Juniors) 4 way
1996 - Bronze 4 way
1998 - Silver 4 way, Bronze 8 Way
1999 - Gold 4 way
2000 - Gold 4 way
2001 - Gold 4 way
2002 - Gold 4 way & 8 way
2003 - Gold 4 way
2004 - Gold 4 way, Silver 8 Way
2005 - Gold 4 way, Bronze 8 way, Silver (Juniors) 4 way
2006 - Gold 4 way, Silver 8 Way
2007 - Gold 4 way
2008 - Gold 4 way & 8 way

World Cup – 1998

World Meets - 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 (4 & 8 way)

TT:       How did you get into 4-way competition?
CR:    My first cat II jump with Jaco Bekker - I loved FS. First Nationals was in 1994. We formed a junior team called Team FX (with Troy Marais, Trevor Clark, Jaco Bekker).

TT:       Have you always jumped the same slot?
CR:       I have always jumped inside centre.

TT:       Who has inspired you most?
CR:    Solly Williams and Gary Smith - it was a highlight seeing them taking gold in (World Meet) Croatia 2004.

TT:       Family?
CR:    I would have been able to achieve all this if is was not for the incredible support of my family. I met Karen just before my first World Cup in 1998 and Cole was born in October 2001.

TT:       Is there one Nationals competition that stands out in your mind over the others?
CR:    Has to be 2005 in Margate - we had lost Thiago Muradas 6 days before Nationals was to start. Work commitments required him to leave the country right away. Julian Boulle (an exceptionally talented jumper) agreed to help out. We achieved our team goal by finishing on a 15.2 average. To add to this round ten was my 3000th jump. The team - Vana Parker, Dave Sumter, Julian Boulle, Sam Bester (camera).

I have been very fortunate to jump on teams with some of the best in SA. A special thanks need to go to Dennis Parker, Brett Shaw and Vana Parker for their financial support in the Project

Bailey Edmunds, Colin Rothman, Peter Kalamaras, Dennis Parker, Vana Parker

Peter Kalamaras, Vana Parker, Colin Rothman, Dave Sumter, Thiago Muradas

Vana Parker, Colin Rothman, Amy Kirtland, Peter Kalamaras,
Dave Sumter

Back: Dennis Parker, Troy Marais, Colin Rothman; Front: Bailey Edmunds, Des Cobban