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Formation Skydiving Skills Camp : 15 – 16 August 2009, EP Skydivers
By John Williamson, C1685

On the weekend of Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of August this year we, at EP Skydivers in Grahamstown, were visited by FS coaches Matteo Pagani and Bailey Edmunds. They were visiting us to tell us all about the new skydiving league that has been launched and also to pass on some much needed skydiving skills, all for free. The skydiving league was explained to us all and we are already organising a 4-way for next year to represent EP Skydivers. We have a group attending the tunnel camp in Bedford UK in March next year.

John Williamson listens attentively to the briefing by Matteo and Bailey Jnr

Their patience with the less experienced jumpers was really evident and new relative work flying skills were explained thoroughly on the ground then perfectly shown and executed in the air. I have definitely walked away from their expertise with more skills and I can talk for everyone who attended their training course.

The skydiving league is a fantastic avenue to get us less experienced skydivers more exposure and a perfect way to enhance your flying skills and safety.

They will be welcome to EP Skydivers anytime and we hope to have them back at least once a year.