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Wingsuit Weekend : 21 – 22 November 2009, Robertson

By Ria Moothilal, B2699

Saturday morning got off to an early start. It was great having all the jumpers there ready and waiting to get some air beneath their wings. Dodgy (André) and Pam quickly got into their first flight course with Bernard whilst the rest of us (myself, Leen, and Garric) had a flocking skills briefing with Edzard.

After these theory sessions it was time to jump – I must say a 4-way flocking jump over Robertson isn’t necessarily a bad way to start the weekend, in fact it’s awesome! Soon after Pam did her first wingsuit jump with Bernard, a jump that one could say was long overdue. Dodgy also got to do his first wingsuit jump. It’s great seeing experienced jumpers getting excited and somewhat nervous about a jump. Well done guys – the Robertson flock is growing.

Pam Russell                                                 André (Dodgy) d’Argent                                 Edzard Biermann and Ria Moothilal

I did a few more one-on-one coach jumps with both Edzard and Bernard – it’s amazing how much you can learn in a few jumps – they certainly helped a long way in improving my skills and flights. Sunday brought about more jumps, or shall I say flights. A couple more one-on-one’s and some more attempted flocking.

Like most weekends this one ended too soon, I did however get in another awesome flight – a 3-way with Bernard and Edzard – not necessarily a bad way to end the weekend. Thanks to the coaches Bernard van Biljon and Edzard Biermann, SSA, Skydive Robertson, and all involved in making this another great weekend of learning and too much fun.

Stay safe