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10 way weekend at Robertson
By Lara Kruger


Thanks to Karl Hayden, and a few eager beavers to help, a weekend of 10-ways jumps from two planes followed by a potjie kos competition was planned (in just two weeks) for the weekend of 16 August. The turnout was superb but Saturday was a day of frustration as an ever-growing number of skydivers waited for the rain to stop, and the cloud base to lift. Meanwhile tents were pitched, briefings were given, and potjie recipes were prepared for the evening braai. Finally, just after lunch, the rain abated and the cloud base lifted. Some low loads made it up and finally the last load of the day managed to go to altitude. The 10-way did some dirt dives and hoped for the best, but eventually the call of "Bar Open" was heard without a 10-way gracing the skies. Then it was time for the potjie competition to start.

After a free fall initiation, beers were opened, fires were lit, veggies peeled and secret ingredients prepared. Most of the competitors were seasoned potjie makers and a few first timers at this game joined them. The Robertson flying club participated in the fun and entered two of their own pots as well as providing the judge for the competition. After some intensive tasting our chief instructor, Barney, walked away with the winning pot. The evening coincided with a fantastic Lunar Eclipse and everyone went to bed content and with great anticipation of the jumps that awaited them in the morning.

Sunday greeted us with clear skies and no wind. Loads started to flow and then the first 10-way went up. It was a reasonable success with all getting to the base even though the first point was not completed. Unfortunately it was not possible for another attempt to be made to nail that 10-way.

We would like to again thank Karl for this exciting weekend, and to all the jumpers, and whuffos who made it possible. There is definitely a new vibe starting to flow in this Skydiving Club, and we are heading to more exciting weekends. Keep your eyes open for the next event weekends (canopy seminar, 2-way scramble and accuracy landing) to come and join us at our current DZ in Robertson – she's a true beaut.

PS: Thanks Rob for showing how to do a "boep" swoop!!!