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Artistic Events
By Tamsin Stedall


The first Free Fly Scrambles meet was held on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of August at Johannesburg Skydiving Club. After many fun attempts at having mid year free fly skills camps and competitions with the hope of incorporating both junior and experienced skydivers the perfect formula has finally been realized. The Free Fly scrambles meet, brainchild of Brendon Delate, one of our brilliant certified Free Fly coaches, was a fabulous success.

Brendon Delate was one of the members of Sirius which were the winners of this years Free Fly section at Nationals. He organized the Free Fly Scrambles meet and conjured up prizes from sponsors, Converse.

The day started off bright and early with competitors arriving at 7h00 for dirt dives. The draw was sent out prior to the meet for the ‘open minded’ free flyers to wrap their brains around. Competitors were greeted with welcome packs filled with goodies from the sponsors, Converse, including T shirts, key rings, wallets, ear phones and the girls scored another batch of that great Adidas shower gel and deodorant that got sampled at Nationals.

How did this competition differ from other meets? Standard Free Fly competitions see a team of two Free Flyers and a camera person competing over a certain amount of rounds, doing pre determined free rounds nominated by themselves in conjunction with a number of rounds with moves drawn prior to the competition which would be the same for all teams. The rounds are judged on number of points scored as well as artistic execution. The Free Fly Scrambles has pre determined moves per round for both intermediate and senior competitors. Each round sees individual free flyers jumping with random team mates, which vary for each round. The judging is only compiled of points completed and each individual receives his or her score overall score. This means that anyone can compete regardless of level of skill or whether or not they are a part of a team.

There were a total of 13 competitors, 7 intermediate and 6 open, which filled 9 loads and 74 slots on the PAC 750XL. The PAC provided for easy exits out of a big door. Congratulations to Brendan Van Niekerk for winning the open section with Zeljko Markovic taking second place and Christopher Teague third. First place in intermediate went to Tamsin Stedall with Paul Gerard and Dian Kemp being awarded second and third respectively.

A big thanks to the organizers, sponsors, Converse, and the SSA for sponsoring 50% of the camera slots making competing more affordable.

The second Free Fly Scrambles meet will be held at Pretoria Skydiving Club later in the year with dates to be confirmed shortly and we hope to include competitors from KZN, the Cape and other regions.