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Back to where I left off… 18 years later
By Superintendent Herman Grobler A1874


I started skydiving in 1984 with Desert Skydivers in Windhoek, Namibia, obtaining my A licence and logging 57 jumps.

My passion was, however, cut short when I lost my right leg above the knee in a shooting incident in the line of duty.

Always in the back of my mind were the words of Dave Barr (who lost both legs) that it will always be possible to skydive.

After being released from hospital, I did one static line jump in Swakopmund, but my dream of skydiving was put on hold when I returned to South Africa in 1990.

Recently, I heard the locals talk about a new drop zone in Rustenburg and it stirred up some of the old spirit. After 18 years it was time for a come back.

Initially I just planned to check out what was happening. I ended up undergoing the course and a static line jump, followed by AFF.

The process was by no means a walk in the park. Learning to jump without my induced right turn was going to test me, and my instructors, to the limit. After many attempts and changing of methods we found the perfect position which allows me stable flight and thereby opening up endless possibilities in the sport.

Moral of the story: never give up!

Is my dream of being a Pro-rated jumper going to be realised? I don’t know, but at least now the possibility exists and, for that, I must thank the Rustenburg Skydiving Club and in particular Ralph and Francois who worked tirelessly with me to get to this point.

Feel welcome to join me for a two way at anytime. I am there every weekend and you’re welcome to join me

Blue skies,