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Tunnel Camp Programme
By Dave Sumter


At the beginning of next year the SA skydiving team will be launching a tunnel camp programme in the UK Bedford tunnel. These camps will focus on developing FS flying skills in an accelerated manner. Over the last couple of years the national team has been working hard to improve South Africa's performance at an international level. We realize that to continue this successful process of improvement we're going to need talented new recruits.

We see these tunnel camps as an essential tool for identifying new talented skydivers, and quickly developing their skills to an advanced level. Wind tunnels will never fully replace the requirement to train out of airplanes, but they serve invaluable when developing flying skills. We're creating a camp program that will be targeted at the level of training South African skydivers need, and hopefully at a cost and location that is more accessible than some of the other camp programs out there.

If you'd like more information on one of these upcoming camps, please contact Dave or Vana at:

Dave -
Vana -

We look forward to seeing you in the air..