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“X” marks the spot

By Tish Waugh

Skydive Extreme

After finishing Nationals on a huge high (and I mean HUGE) we had to suffer a few months with the closure of the club (and the move of the PAC to JSC). August met with jubilation and xtreme xcitement when the club opened. In true Xtreme Style, on opening weekend, it was as if the club had never been closed and, typically, we had huge amounts of fun, both in the sky and on the ground! How awesome to again see old faces, new students and the generally xhuberant and somewhat xhilerated tandem passengers! And thanks to all the instructors panting their way to and from the aircraft (amazing what a couple of weeks on the ground does for your fitness levels!), it served as great amusement for all ground staff and spectators. By all accounts though, we were all pleased to have things up and running! (all puns intended!)

The arrival of the Cessna 206 (NKH), which Norman has branded solely for use by Skydive Xtreme, has done us very proud and she has been such a wonderful addition to our Drop Zone.

canopy piloting canopy piloting canopy piloting 

Since opening weekend it has been such a pleasure to be back in the bush – great sunsets, good friends and, of course, the liver taking strain again (old times!). It has also been fantastic to see all the SX members making their way back to their beloved DZ – filling the loads and the dance floor.

August was a busy month (with only the gusting wind standing in our way!) – and with plenty great events planned (our annual Rooiberg Boogie in December) things are looking very xciting.

We may have taken a break for a couple of months - but we are clearly making up for lost time. Our first month back was mixed with tandems, students and members - from all age groups (some looking to temper their ever increasing adrenaline levels and others looking to "jumpstart" it!) and all walks of life. Thanks to Ettienne, our initiations for students has been re-instituted and for those who have been with us for a while - it brings back very good memories of how it all started and what one had to endure before calling yourself a "skydiver" at Skydive Xtreme.

Going forward, we expect many fun-filled weekends and as the weather gets warmer, and the days longer - things can only get bigger and better. So, onwards and upwards it is for Skydive Xtreme!