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Aero Club Awards

Aero Club

The Aero Club Annual Awards Dinner will be held on Saturday, 6 November 2010. All sections of the Aero Club may nominate recipients for Aero Club Silver Wings and Aero Club Gold Wings awards. These are very prestigious awards and nominees must have had a noteworthy impact on their respective sports, and on a national basis.

PASA’s panel, comprising previous winners of the Aero Club Gold Wings award, will consider the nominations received and put forward to the Aero Club those that meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • The awards are to be respected for the prestigious accolade that they are.
  • The Aero Club is a national body - these awards are intended to be bestowed upon people who have had an impact on the sport on a national basis (not just at one local drop zone).
  • Only people who have been nominated by members from more than one drop zone around the country will be considered for the awards (thereby showing their far-reaching impact).
  • Nominations for Gold Wings must be people who have been a force within the sport and on a national basis for a period of at least 10 continuous years.
  • Nominations for Silver Wings are for people who have been a force within the sport for at least 5 continuous years and have provided exceptional service or run exceptional projects during that time.

With the above criteria in mind, we ask for nominations for the 2010 Aero Club Gold Wings and Aero Club Silver Wings awards. Nominations must be accompanied by an explanation outlining why you believe this person deserves the award and highlighting their achievements/service. Email nominations to: or fax to 021-553-3398. Please ensure that the person you wish to nominate fulfils all the criteria listed above. Nominations for people who do not meet the criteria and/or are not accompanied by an explanation cannot be considered.

Without the involvement of the skydiving community, we cannot ensure that those who deserve the accolades, receive them - please make every effort to get involved and take a few minutes to nominate someone who has had a positive impact on your skydiving career.

Nominations will be accepted until close of business on Friday, 3 September 2010.