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PASA - Sport Skydivers Association

The SSA is a subsidiary of the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) and governs all disciplines and competitions within Skydiving.


Freefly South Africa

Parachute Association of South Africa Sport Skydivers Association Artistic Events Committee (Freefly& Freestyle).


Formation Skydiving South Africa

FS focus group and forum for feedback and communication between FS Skydivers in South Africa.


Wingsuiting SA


Wingsuit South Africa

Share and post anything Wingsuit related here!


2nd Hand Skydiving Gear (South Africa)

This is a group for people buying or selling 2nd hand skydive gear. Please feel free to join and post pictures and adverts for everything from canopies to dytters to jump suits to full system to airplanes.


History of South African Skydiving (HOSAS)

This page is a tribute to all ex and current RSA skydivers.


Westonaria Parachuting Club, South Africa (The Legend)

Once upon a time, Westonaria Parachute Club (WPC) was the largest and most active skydiving club in South Africa. Please post all your memories and pictures of this "Great Club" here.