Nationals 2015
SA National Championships 2015

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SA Natonals is finally here and Rustenburg Skydiving Club has gone to town in the build-up to the meet.  The Graham, Danelle, Herman and the RSC team's hard work has the club looking amazing with new pool, deck, braai area, marquees and revamps in every direction. This Nationals is going to really be a good.

The official training days are over and the draws have been announced.  The DZ is buzzing with prepping teams. 


Day 1 of competition was greeted with spectacular weather.  This year there is no blocking of events so almost everyone got some jumps in but the teams ended at quite different places so in many events it isn't clear who will lead.

It's great to see so many wingsuiters competing in this brand new FAI discipline. Everyone is at the same round in Performance Flying. After 1 round of Distance and Time Oliver Nothen is currently leading the pack.

It was also good to see CF again, with Graham, Nico and Sharky struttuing their stuff for the crowds.

The Novice 4-way has Levitation in the lead and the Open 4-way has SAVOLO ahead at round 2, the only round compelted by all teams so far.  Tomorrow we expect some catching up of rounds, but SAVOLO, the current National team, is looking to hold their lead for a few more rounds. 


What a day!  Even with some aircraft trouble, we continued with a good day of jumping.  The highlight came in 4-way open when SAVOLO, the current National 4-way team broke the South African record for the most points in a skydive.  The 4-way Open draw included a "super-sequence" (an all-random round) in round 8 - which lready is a rare occurrence - but the sequence was also really, really fast!  F-C-H-O-D.

The record is not yet official but assuming all goes well, SAVOLO's score of 32 on this round breaks Voodoo's 2010 record of 31, set in Menzelinsk.  Well done Voodoo!

Tomorrrow should see most events wrapping up, with perhaps a few stragglers on Friday morning.  The Organisers have been working a tricky manifest to accommodate all the multiple-team jumpers and hopefully everyone will finish with most events having just one or two rounds left for on or two teams.