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Issue 11

In this issue:
  1. Membership Renewal
  2. SSA fund allocation
  3. PASA Renewal - And some good reasons to join FS!
  4. Reminder to enter FS, AE and Atmo Nationals
  5. Aviacom Argus - Important Message
  6. Licences and Ratings issued recently
  7. Canopy Piloting Competition Season
  8. Atmonauti Skills Boogie
  9. Judging news
Membership Renewal

PASA annual membership renewal falls due on 1 April 2011.

Members renewing just their membership need only complete and return page 1 of the renewal form. Those applying for a new licence or rating or renewing an existing rating must complete both pages and get their Chief Instructor to sign off the relevant section/s before submitting to the admin office.

The fees for the 2011/12 membership year, as set at the AGM, are as follows:

PASA fees


Payable by all members

Aero Club fees


Payable by all licensed, active skydivers

New licences / ratings


Per licence / rating

Rating renewal


Per rating - excludes coach, jumpmaster and evaluator ratings

New tandem rating fee


In addition to the R100 new rating admin fee

The Aero Club has ruled that members serving in the armed forces pay half the Aero Club fee from this year. PASA members who are serving in the armed forces and hold no PASA ratings, pay R100 PASA fees while rating holders pay the full fee as listed above.

The bank account has remained the same although the branch name has changed from Sebenza to Boxer Kamaqhekeza. The account number and branch code remain the same:

Account name





Boxer Kamaqhekeza

Branch code


Current account


Drop zones will be operating on a no PASA ‐ no jump basis from 1 April 2011. The onus is therefore on members to ensure that membership is paid BEFORE manifesting or visiting a drop zone.

1 April falls on a Friday this year and, while the admin office will endeavour to process memberships as quickly as possible, it may take a few days before the member list on the website is up to date. It is therefore recommended that members take proof of payment with them for the first weekend.

As in the past, the bigger drop zones (typically Carletonville, Pretoria, Witbank and Durban) for whom large volumes of membership cards and certificates are processed in the first week or two, those cards and certificates will be sent overnight to the relevant drop zones. If you do NOT want your card or certificate sent to your drop zone, please indicate this on your form under comments.

If you have any enquiries please contact


For more information contact the Aerodyne Parachute Factory:  / 031 502 6435

SSA fund allocation

To all PASA members

It’s time to fill in the PASA forms again for 2011/2012 renewal.

On the first page of the renewal form are a series of tick boxes where you choose your preferred discipline within skydiving. This section is extremely important as the number of tick boxes marked per discipline determines the funds allocated to that discipline.

These funds are spent on developing the disciplines such as skills camps and other activities that benefit our skydiving membership.

Tick those boxes that represent the disciplines that you practice, may want to participate in or wish to see developed in any way.

You may tick more than one box.

Click here for a full description of each discipline.

Kind Regards
SSA Executive


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PASA Renewal - And some good reasons to join FS!

Before we divulge our plans for the year, a quick explanation on the famous SSA discipline ticks.  Yes, we know it has been mentioned already, but it’s important.


What tick?


On your PASA renewal form, the section called Preferred Disciplines asks you to tick those you participate in, or plan to, in the next year.



Why should I care?


Your SSA fees are allocated to the various disciplines based on these ticks.  You are therefore choosing which areas will benefit most from your money.  If you want to participate in and develop your FS skills this year, tick FS so we have more funds with which to help you, coach you, hold events for you.  More money = more fun.  Give yours to the discipline you can have fun in!




Shouldn’t I just cover all bases and tick everything?


No – the more disciplines you tick, the more your annual SSA fee is divided and therefore diluted for each discipline.  Tick only those you seriously want to spend your money on.  Each additional tick reduces the Rand value allocated to the discipline you are genuinely interested in. 




Why tick FS?


We can think of many reasons!!  Here are just a couple:



The FS committee is proactive – we initiate events and activities before our members have even thought to ask.



We listen to our members.  You don’t give us as much feedback as we would like, but we always pay attention to the requests and ideas we do get in.



At the lowest level, FS is a very accessible discipline and if you are flying well, you will always find people wanting to jump with you, interesting jumps that you can participate in and events to take part in.



The FS committee has a jam-packed year planned for 2011.  We’re sure you don’t want to be left out of these, but have included our activity plan below so you can decide.



Jumps are more fun when you have the skills to execute the planned tasks – get those skills now!

SSA FS Committee’s Plans for 2011

Thank you to those who sent in requests and ideas.  We’re proud to say that we already had all of them on our agenda - hopefully an indication that we’re on the right track with what our members want.  This year there is something for ALL skill levels.

The below plan is based on the budget estimated from last year’s ticks.  If we get less support than we expected, we have to adjust down accordingly.  If we get more, we adjust for that too, by going bigger with a planned event or adding a little something extra!  But trust that we will spend your money and we’ll spend it on you!

On the cards for 2011:

C licence days – forget the “everyone-in” licence day to help each other out and hope it works.  They largely fail because not all jumpers are ready.  We’re planning a day for those who have done the preparation and proven they are ready.  We have allocated budget for a solid experienced base and achieving licence requirements will just be a by-product of fun, productive, effective formation skydives – we’re here to turn points. 

16 way sequential invitational days – We have one planned so far – if well-supported and successful we promise to do more.  This one is for the experienced jumpers and hopefully makes all your coaching and skills transfer worthwhile.  We appreciate the hard work you do to build FS on the DZ and want you come and do some good productive 16Way sequentials with other current, capable FS jumpers.

Large Formation Skills Camp - Focussed and limited in space, this camp is about attaining the necessary skills that are so often ignored when eager jumpers prioritise the size of the formation now over the skills required then walk away having “had fun trying” but clueless that the attempt was doomed from the start.  With the proper foundation skills, your large formations get larger, safer and easier!  Be the jumper that always get’s the invitation to the record-setter. 

FS Coaches, seminars and Cat II skills days – continuing last year’s focus on FS coaching, we will keep up the regular FS coach seminars all around the country.   We’re also developing a program to assist the smaller and remote DZs in getting their local FS coaches ready and rated.  Some organised Cat II days with guaranteed coach availability will round this off nicely and we’ll be speaking to your DZ about facilitating these.  More coaches, better coaches, coaching days, revised coaching programmes, more evaluators.. good grief, Charlie Brown, all that’s left is a tunnel camp or two.. we’ll have to get back to you on that.

International Coaches – While these plans are not completely finalised yet, we have some exciting developments underway for some international 4-way and 8-way coaches to come out to South Africa to coach you!  As soon as we have the completed plan, we’ll announce who and when.  All I am saying is that the World Champions can’t be wrong!  Watch this space.

SASL – We believe this to be one of the most positive and productive initiatives in years for developing skills, promoting competition and increasing activity on the DZs.  We will once again back the South African Skydiving League in season 3.

That’s the gist of our plan – what do you think?  Worth ticking FS?  We think so.  We work on a pretty tiny budget, so every cent counts.  Once you’ve ticked, PARTICIPATE!  And not everything needs SSA budget so if you want help organising events, competitions or activities on your DZ, give your FS committee a call.  Our details are on the PASA website. 

Your 2011 FS Committee:

-Claire King
-Marisa Dold
-Ian van den Berge

Reminder to enter FS, AE and Atmo Nationals

Hi all,

Please remember to get your registrations in for the 2011 South African National Skydiving Championships in Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Atmonauti.  To download your entry form click here or alternatively email us on and we will email the form to you. Please pay by 01st April 2011 to avoid late registration penalties.

This event is being hosted by Western Province Sport Parachute Club (WPSPC), located just outside of Robertson in the Western Cape, approximately 150km from Cape Town on major roads.

Accommodation, entertainment and good food are readily available both in town, which is directly adjacent to the airfield and on surrounding wine farms. Accommodation options range from luxurious wine and game farms to economical backpackers.

Founded in 1972 and operating in Citrusdal for over 30 years, WPSPC is the oldest remaining Club in South Africa and recently relocated to Robertson.

The South African National Skydiving Championships have never been hosted at a Western Cape dropzone and we are delighted that this has now been addressed.

For more detailed information, please refer to Bulletin 2.

Blue skies,
Ailsa Burns
Western Province Sport Parachuting Club
Info & Bookings: 021 462-5666
Info & Bookings (Cell): 083 462-5666

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Aviacom Argus - Important Message

Following the various service bulletins from manufacturers withdrawing their permissions to install the Argus AAD in their equipment as well as the lack of clarity from Aviacom, I have little choice but to ground all rigs which have the Argus AAD installed.

The Argus AAD must be removed from the container system before further use.

Mark Bellingan
National Safety & Training

Licences and Ratings issued recently



Drop Zone




A Licence




Jan Delahaye

Skydive Cape Town


Walter Herbst

Skydive Cape Town




B Licence




Francois Wagenaar

Skydive Central


Wayne Nelson

Angels Way Skydiving Club


John Adlam

Johannesburg Skydiving Club


Jean Strauss

Witbank Skydiving Club


Gareth Price

Angels Way Skydiving Club




C Licence




Jaques Blom

EP Skydivers




D Licence




Marco Ciocca

Johannesburg Skydiving Club




PRO Rating




Jaques Blom

EP Skydivers




Instructor Rating



Roy Steemson

Angels Way Skydiving Club




AFF Instructor Rating



Steve Bartels

Angels Way Skydiving Club


Jasper Williams

Pretoria Skydiving Club




Tandem Master Rating



Gera Phielix

EP Skydivers





V   = Vector



SG = Sigma



ST = Strong


Resolution Life

Canopy Piloting Competition Season

To all Swoopers and potential Swoopers!

The competition season has started and our new rules for selecting the National Champions apply.

The Rules state:

1.1.1      The selection of representation will be a performance based selection rather than national results based selection.  The selection will be made on the performance achieved at:
The National Championships,
Performance during training for the National Championships,
Performance at other CP events as determined by the CP committee.

There will be 3 competitions prior to the World Cup and all 3 competition scores will be used.

Competition 1 – Pretoria Skydiving Club (PSC)

Already took place in February 2011

Competition 2 – Johannesburg Skydiving Club (JSC)

26th and 27th of March 2011

Starting time is 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday

No Registration Fee

2 rounds of each event will be completed and the CP Committee will notify the competitors on whether Freestyle will form part of this competition

To register for this competition at JSC, please send your details to:

CP South African National Championships – PSC

13th – 15th May – 1st bulletin to follow in March 2011.

Good luck to all our new swoopers, old swoopers, judges and our ever supportive spectators!!!!

* * The 6th FAI World Cup Championships in Canopy Piloting will be held in the Czech Republic, Klatovy from the 22nd to the 27th of August 2011. This is the Drop Zone of Christiaan (Wuzi) Wagner, a competitor from Austria and also home to the Pink Boogie held annually since the 1980’s.

Atmonauti Skills Boogie

The SSA  Atmonauti Committee is excited to announce that it is in the process of planning an Atmonauti Skills Boogie with the participation of senior instructor Marco Tiezzi from Italy, be held out of the PAC at the Johannesburg Skydiving Club.

The Atmo committee will arrange all Marco Tiezzi's travel and accommodation, and participants are asked to commit to a non-refundable R1000 registration which will include the following:

  • Instructionals
  • Unlimited group coaching jumps, slots permitting
  • All briefings and debriefings
  • Participation in new SA record attempt
  • Your opportunity to develop your atmo skills in a group environment,  or learn new skills if you have not yet been exposed to this growing discipline

The PAC Partnership has confirmed that all group coaching loads will be inclusive of Marco Tiezzi's slot, thus no added costs to the participants.

The Skills Boogie is CONFIRMED for the weekend of the 14th & 15th May (with the 13th under consideration if interest permits), with the participation of Marco Tiezzi from Italy (Senior Atmo Instructor).

The Atmo Committee is happy to announce 14 registrations thus far, and hopes to see that number grow to around 20. All jumpers of varying skills levels are invited to join this Coaching Seminar and skills development boogie.

The Atmo SSA Committee kindly asks that you communicate your interest at your soonest to book your place on this exciting skills-development opportunity.

Please contact Marco Ciocca on (082) 600-6569 or on

The Sky's Your Playground ™

Atmonauti SSA Committee

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Judging news

The judges committee is pleased to announce that Chanel Gibbens-Robinson has been selected as the Event Judge for 8-way and VFS at the 17th FAI World Cup in Formation Skydiving being held in Germany in August this year.


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