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  • PASA MC structure
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  • SSA Freefly off to a busy year
  • SSA Fun Swoop Meet
  • April licences and ratings issued
What's on - April / May
Team camera slot special
01 Feb - 24 Apr @ PSC Email
Nationals training special
01 Mar - 24 Apr 2016 @ RSC Email
Wingsuiting Judging Training
24 Apr - 26 Apr @ PSC Email
PASA 2016 South African National Skydiving Championships
27 Apr - 02 May @ PSC Email
Smoking Dragon Boogie
16 Jun - 19 Jun @ Drakensberg Email

PASA MC structure

Progress report on the AGM's hottest topic

The PASA Management Council is pleased to announce that the SSA will this year enjoy greater representation on the MC.

In line with our discussions at the AGM, many conversations have taken place between the SSA and ADZO. An agreement has been reached to have a 2nd, non-voting, seat available on the MC for the SSA this year, to test the efficacy of this arrangement.

SSA Vice Chair, Claire King, will fill this role for the year ahead.

As a result, we will not need to have a SGM at our Nationals coming up, but instead competitors and organiser can concentrate on the job at hand.The SSA and ADZO feel that this is the most effective solution for now. Any individual PASA members who feel otherwise are welcome to contact any of our Non-Executive Directors via - PASA MC

For more information contact the Aerodyne Parachute Factory: / 079 888 3008

South African Freefly League

It's on. The South African Freefly league is live, and we have been given huge support from Parachute Systems and Odyssey to Flight. We are proud to say that the winner will get a custom Vortex2 container and our runner ups will be getting some custom freefly suits.

Two things you need to do to be in the running -

Tick the AE box on your PASA form! Sign up on the website - and start submitting your videos.

Remember Guys, the comp has been designed for all skill levels, even if you are not the competitive type, sign up and give it a bash!

To submit your videos, we have done it in a really simple way. Just use your own Youtube log in on our page and upload away. The video of the month will then get a special mention on our website. -R,Morgan

South African Freefly League

SSA Freefly off to a busy year

From Rustenburg...

Rustenburg Skydiving Club proved once again that it is the ultimate club to Freefly at in South Africa. Over the weekend 9 & 10 April, the SSA Artistic Events Committee hosted its second skills camp of the year, drawing 18 free flyers to complete 20 loads over the two days. What's more, thanks to the awesome team at RSC, we got 12,500ft MINIMUM (although many loads went well above 13,000ft).

With teams training for Nationals, the extra altitude was much needed and appreciated. The weekend started off at 7:30am on Saturday, with 3 jumpers getting a briefing on their very first sit fly attempts.

With skydivers from Durban, Pretoria, Botswana, Johannesburg and Rustenburg attending, this was an incredibly well supported event that Braam Van Heerden and Julie Teague provided coaching for. Manifest made sure to stagger loads to ensure all students and teams were able to be debriefed, watch their videos and plan their next jump before kitting up again. Great weather played along and there were zero incidents to report. This followed closely on the heels of the skills camp hosted by Andre Du Preez and Marais Badenhorst at Robertson the weekend before...... Robertson

I am proud to say that freeflying is alive and well at Robertson. Since the last time Marais and I coached there the general skill level has gone up dramatically. We did 23 coaching jumps (15 for me and 8 for Marais) in absolutely perfect weather, and the people were passing Cat 2, 3 and C licence jumps with flying colours.

People that attended were: Hennie van Zyl, Brent Rumble, Graham Watkins, Alex Nightingale, Allan Skinner, George and Jess Schoonraad, Luke Godfrey and Cayne McMahon. It was an absolute pleasure to jump with all of you, with the dropzone staff making sure the loads run smoothly, as well as giving us enough time to brief and debrief while keeping us jumping all day long.

Upwards and onwards and next time we take it to the next level again. Well done!

J.Teague & A. Du Preez

SSA Fun Swoop Meet

How do you get 12 skydivers to the drop zone by 7am?
Promise them tequila and money of course!

On the long weekend at the end of March, Pretoria Skydiving Club hosted a fun swoop meet, organised by the SSA CP Committee. This novel format pitted 6 teams against each other, with each team being randomly selected but consisting of one intermediate and one open swooper.

With a very pregnant Mrs Kemp running the judging side of things, and assisted by Amy Shaw and Renier Viljoen, action got underway early on Saturday morning. 2 Distance rounds were completed before winds picked up and the CP was put on hold until the end of the day.

The competition was tight from the start; with intermediates having the advantage of higher gates and a handicap, and seniors needing to enter at the 5ft gates. Early surprises put favourite-to-win Chris Teague and his team mate De Wet Davel close to the bottom of the table; but a massive swoop by him at the end of the day got them back into the top 3.

But it was consistency (and/or Formation Skydivers!) that won the day, with James Meyer and Matteo Pagano eventually closing out the competition. Luckily neither of them drink tequila and so the liquid prize was happily shared by all the competitors. They also kindly donated the monetary winnings back to PSC in support of the up coming Nationals - where CP is always a well supported but judging-intensive event. -J.Teague

April licences and ratings issued


A7486 Jacques du Preez Pretoria Skydiving Club
A7487 Stefan van Zyl Pretoria Skydiving Club
A7488 Jocelyn Kettle Witbank Skydiving Club
A7489 David Vogel Skydive Rustenburg
A7490 John Bain Skydive Mossel Bay
A7491 Gerrit van Zyl EP Skydivers 
A7492 PG Coetzee Pretoria Skydiving Club
A7493 Kyle Witcoff Skydive Mossel Bay
A7494 Kyle Bell Skydive Robertson
A7495 Jason Marriott-Watson EP Skydivers
A7496 Bheki Dlamini  Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7497 Veronica Bouwer  Durban Skydive Centre
A7498 Brent Rumble  Skydive Robertson
A7499 Jacques Nel  Skydive Mossel Bay
B2980 Craig Vergottini Skydive on the Vaal
B2981 Christian Ferch Pretoria Skydiving Club
B2982 Tiaan Furstenburg  EP Skydivers 
B2983 Thomas Turpin Durban Skydive Centre 
B2984 Clinton Coetzee  Durban Skydive Centre
B2985 Alex Nightingale Skydive Cape Town
B2986 Gerrit van Zyl EP Skydivers
B2987 Charlene le Roux  Skydive Cape Town
B2988 Graham Watkins  Skydive Robertson 
B2989 George Schoonraad  Skydive Robertson
B2990 Jess Schoonraad  Skydive Robertson
B2991 Jacques du Preez Pretoria Skydiving Club
C1877 Barend Pretorius Skydive Rustenburg
C1878 Tanje Britz Skydive Rustenburg
C1879 Seth Scott Skydive on the Vaal
C1880 Johny Kruger Skydive Rustenburg
C1881 Gerrit van Zyl EP Skydivers
D954 Alexis McNaughton EP Skydivers
D955 Rainer Baecker Skydive Cape Town


JM1309 Taz Calvert Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JM1310 Lee Moorcroft Pretoria Skydiving Club
PRO466 Tamsyn Snyman Pretoria Skydiving Club
PRO467 Steve Woodford Skydive Cape Town
I208 Gerwald Biesenbach Skydive Mossel Bay
AI89 Gerwald Biesenbach Skydive Mossel Bay
TM172SG Alexis McNaughton EP Skydivers
CH26A Naomi Kotzee Pretoria Skydiving Club

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