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What's on - December
2-Way Scrambles - Fun Comp < 300 Jumps We'll team you up
16 Dec 2016  @ PSC Email
J-Bay Boogie 2016
19 Dec 2016 - 3 Jan 2017 @ Paradise Beach Email

World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championship

The 1st FAI World Wingsuit Performance Flying Championship were held this year at Skydive Zhills in Florida from 2nd to 9th November this year. Andrew De Jonge and Waldo Prinsloo qualified at PASA’s 2016 Nationals in April to represent South Africa.

The event saw 63 competitors from almost all continents fighting for the top prize of being the Wingsuit Performance World Champion. The competition is judged by placing a GPS tracker on the competitors' helmets to record their flights. The competitors have 3 rounds each of Speed, Distance and Time to complete.

The entry to the competition window (the section in which the performance measurements matter) is at 3km above the ground and exit at 2km above ground. This means that the competitor's performance is judged over 1km of vertical distance. Each task (Speed, Distance and Time) requires different wingsuit flying skills from the competitors.

Both Andrew and Waldo are awaiting FAI ratification of the new African Continental Records they set at this event, where they placed 43rd and 39th. Andrew has claimed the new Time record of 84.7 seconds and Waldo the new Distance record of 3.608 km and Speed record of 258.1 kmph. For further information, scores and videos check out the paralog results page and Skydive-TV.

If you are interested in this great discipline and would like further information, contact the PASA Wingsuit SSA committee (Hendri Liebenburg, Michael Panaino or Oliver Nöthen).

Memory Lane: CReW Nationals 2010

From the archives, this recount by Corne Vorster, written just after CF Nationals 2010, reminds us of the array of emotions our sport brings us all, hopefully throughout our skydiving careers. Worth a summertime share.

This weekend gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “No **, there I was, thought I was gonna die.” I arrived at the Rustenburg drop zone on the Friday night and was told by Andre le Roux that in order to attend an official Nationals I can’t just do the 2-way junior development event; I have to be in a 4-Way Rotations team too. So I - being a CRW "expert" with a sum total of one introductory CRW jump - thought, “What could possibly go wrong?”

The next morning, after the briefings and packing lessons, we divided into our 2-way teams. I got paired with Nico Cilliers for the 2-way junior team. He gave me a briefing on what needs to be done and off we went. Once we were in the aircraft it became more real and I had my first “What the hell am I doing?” moment of the weekend. When you first start skydiving your instructors tell you to stay far away from other canopies, but now the basic brief is “You see that parachute? Now fly into it!”.

The first jump went as well as it could have, even though I was the only one getting docked and didn’t come close to docking Nico. On the third jump I got a really positive dock from Nico that made me realize that parachutes can be very robust in the air. I also had the sudden realization that I am having fun and this isn’t as scary as I initially thought it would be.

The fourth jump of the day, I was told, was to be my first 4-Way Rotation. This is about the same time that I got nervous again. The team consisted of Nico, Sharky, Jim Stewart, myself and Gavin Chapman on camera. In the aircraft I was on about my fifth “What the hell” moment when it was time to exit. Jim had a bit of a slow pull and ended up being too low. Meanwhile Sharky and Nico had built the 2 stack, and after a couple of attempts I was able to dock it. Knowing that Jim was low, I wasn’t expecting to see another canopy behind me, when suddenly I heard someone scream, "Take me!"

Before I could wonder who had said it, I had Gavin’s canopy in my hands. After he docked, Sharky started spiralling the stack. Now THAT was fun. As we dropped off and landed I was shaking from the adrenaline and finally understood why people do CRW. It wasn’t just scary, it is a hell of a lot of fun. That night I had to buy a lot of beers for the many firsts I did. I didn’t care, it was worth it.

On Sunday morning we continued with the 4-Way Rotations with Gerrit Lambert replacing Nico. After changing the exit and dirt diving we were ready to go. From the exit, everything just went right. We built our 4-stack with me as base and Sharky, Gerrit and Jim docking in that order. When I heard “GO!” I almost froze up. "Here goes nothing", I was about to do my first rotation. I popped off the top, little brake, little left, HARD right and jumped onto my front risers. I overshot a bit, tried again and docked Jim. We did 6 rotations before we ran out of altitude. When we landed chills ran down my spine and I was the happiest man with a canopy.

At the end of the weekend I had done three rounds of 2-Way Junior and 3 rounds of 4-Way Rotations. I had an awesome experience and did things with canopies that give me a whole new respect for parachutes and the “CReW Dogs” that fly them. I now feel like I have graduated as a CReW puppy and have the line burn on my shoes to prove it. Thanks to all the “Dogs” that had the patience to provide us with such an opportunity to learn and for helping us juniors. Thanks to Rustenburg Skydiving Club for hosting the weekend and for the cold beer and quick aircraft.

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

Free Radical Accuracy Slots (FRAS) @ JSC

When last did you pay only R90.00 for a slot?

From 28 January, fully paid up JSC members can explore Classic Accuracy Landing at JSC for a bargain, with Paul (Simba) Marcellin & the SSA, and subject to the conditions below.

Until then this deal will also be available to non-JSC members who have paid their daily membership.

The deal:

  • R90.00 slot price 
  • Strictly for a pre-nominated target and classic accuracy flight pattern with a minimum canopy size of 230sft 
  • Exit at 2500 ft AGL. on jumpers' own spot 
  • Available to any suitably briefed and prepared skydiver from A license up, with CI approval 

T&C’s apply. Visit the JSC website for more details.

December licences and ratings issued


A7536 Calvin Strickland Durban Skydive Centre
A7537 Cherodene Bester Pretoria Skydiving Club
A7538 Michael Agnew Durban Skydive Centre
A7539 Dibert Theron Skydive Mossel Bay
A7540 Mitchell Tappe Skydive Mossel Bay
A7541 Henry Holdsworth Skydive Mossel Bay
A7542 Ivan Ayliffe Skydive Mossel Bay
A7543 Killian Musenza Skydive Mossel Bay
A7544 Kirshin Naicker Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7545 Les Rawson Skydive Rustenburg
A7546 Alke Stopforth Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7547 Andrew Wallis Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3011 Alan Hosmer Durban Skydive Centre
B3012 Greg Baillie Skydive Robertson
B3013 Bryetta Booyzen Pretoria Skydiving Club 
B3014 Greg Fletcher Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1892 Frederic Body Pretoria Skydiving Club 
C1893 Richard Morgan Durban Skydive Centre
D961 Michael Wooldridge Mother City SkyDiving
D962 Frederic Body Pretoria Skydiving Club


JM1322  Jessica Langlands Johannesburg Skydiving Club
PRO472 Biela Liebenberg Pretoria Skydiving Club
PRO473 Richard Morgan Durban Skydive Centre
I210 Graham Field Skydive Rustenburg
I211 Fritz Schoeman Johannesburg Skydiving Club
CH168F Bertus Haring Skydive Mossel Bay
CH169F Gerwald Biesenbach Skydive Mossel Bay
CH131H Angélique Pierry-Sharman Pretoria Skydiving Club

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

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