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  • PASA Skydiving Records
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  • Free Radical Accuracy Slot [FRAS]
  • Let's make history in Africa
  • Freefalling Facts
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  • Licences and Ratings
Swooping for Cancer

“Sometimes life throws you a curveball” a mentor, tonto, once told me during a personal conversation. Well it seems that life will always throw you a curve ball at some point or another, and my curve ball turned out to be a rapidly spreading testicular cancer.

So now that the curve ball has been thrown, it is more important how one deals with it, the way I see it there are three options:

1. Let it hit you: Become the victim of the ball, let it smash you, feel the pain and cry about it

2. Dodge It: move out the way, ignore that it was ever thrown and pretend like nothing ever happened

3. Catch it and throw it back as a speed ball


I chose option 3, I won't go into the detail about how I was affected by the cancer, both physically and emotionally but rather about how I chose to use it to grow my passion in skydiving and use that passion to raise awareness and hopefully save some lives.

Once chemo had finished and my hair had started to grow back (always important to look cool), I decided to focus entirely on Canopy Piloting, the goal was to represent South Africa at the World Championship in Montreal in 2016 and whilst competing make an attempt at raising awareness for the disease. It worked! Speaking openly and honestly without concern about people knowing that I only have one “real” testicle compelled those around me rapidly stick their hands in their pants and ask that all important question: “how do I know what I’m feeling for?” We’ll get to the answer in a moment.

Returning back to “real life” after such an intense experience was a bit of a downer, however not long after, I received an invite to The World Games 2017 in Poland. This is a dream come true within the skydiving community as it is only CP that represents the entire world of skydiving at the World Games.

In order to raise awareness my idea was to have a special canopy made by FluidWings with the “Team Uniballers” logo on it which I will use for accuracy and freestyle. Also during the Games, my posts will make reference to a great page #15to35cancer which also has all the information on this type of cancer.

So to simplify everything I have written: Skydiving has served me and improved my life for the past 12.5 years, it is now time to use skydiving to help others.

Oh and to answer the question: “how do I know what I’m feeling for?” Once you know what they feel like, you’ll know when they don’t feel the same. Feel 'em nuts boys!


I would like to give a big shout out to all those who have helped me get to the point that I can raise this type of awareness at this type of event: Parachute Systems for making the amazing Vortex Harness which allows me to feel free whilst safe, FluidWings for their superb competition wings, Bertrand Adrenaline for their great swoop gear, Pretoria Skydiving club and my coaches and mentors: Peter Lawson, Billy Sharman, Chris Teague and all my close mates for constantly pushing and encouraging me, epic love for you guys.

Finally to leave you with a beautiful quote from Richard Steele: “People spend their lives in the service of their passions instead of employing their passions in the service of their lives.”

Matteo Pagani - D943

Follow Matteo representing South Africa at the World Games in Poland from the 20th to the 23rd of July. Scores can be found on the World Games homepage

PASA Skydiving Records

Want to attempt a record, browse the categories or see who holds what records?  

A new records management facility has been added to the PASA Administration system, keeping our records safer, more organised and much easier for you to access via the PASA website records page.  Records can be registered, stored, managed and displayed in a structured and standardised format. When records are beaten, or categories retired, the history remains and old records stay visible.

We are still trying to reconstruct enough evidence to register old records lost or destroyed before we had digital storage.  Many great achievements remain unratified as we cannot reconstruct the necessary details for a record entry, due to conflicting details and inadequate evidence. This is especially sad for records that are logistically much harder to even attempt nowadays, like CF and FS big ways, but is also a big loss of skydiving history and accolades across all disciplines. If you have any information you think can help reconstruct an old record into the books, please contact the PASA Judges Committee (PASA Contacts page).

If you want to attempt a record, the categories and requirements can still be found in the PASA Records Management document on the PASA website. 

Aim high!

The Adrenaline Airshow 2017

This year’s Adrenaline Airshow was held on the 10th and 11th of June @ Wonderboom Airport.  PASA was requested to support the Airshow with some Wingsuit Display Jumps.

The Adrenaline Airshow has quickly become the premiere Airshow in South Africa. Therefore, we set up a big group of 11 Wingsuit Pilots and started with training jumps on the Friday 10th of June and managed several jumps at the event on Saturday and on Sunday. 

With the help of Peter Lawson from Pretoria Skydiving Club, we set up wingsuit formations with smoke for the demonstration jumps from 11000 ft. We landed in front of the crowd at Wonderboom Airport and packed in front of the spectators with many of them asking us questions about Skydiving and Wingsuiting.

I would like to thank SA Airlink for the support and Peter Lawson for flying us to altitude and Graham Field for assisting us with the logistics. 

Furthermore, I would like to thank the wingsuit pilots for taking the time and putting in the effort to showcase our discipline. Without you, it would not have been such a success and so much fun! Here's to next year. 

The wingsuit pilots who took part were: Julian Boulle, Andrew De Jonge, Dylan Hemer, Gert-Louis Cilliers, Hendri Liebenberg, Hilmar Backer, Luke Godfrey, Michael Panaino, Pierre Marais Badenhorst, Rudi Serfontein and Oliver Nöthen.

Further information can be found at:

Oliver Nöthen D906

Free Radical Accuracy Slot [FRAS]

Free Radical Accuracy Slot [FRAS] at JSC open to all PASA members


  • R90.00 slot price 
  • Exit at 2500ft on jumper's own spot
  • Available when the aircraft is taking off with slots open*
  • One jump-run for all FRAS jumpers per load 


  • Pre-nominated target and classic accuracy flight pattern with a canopy size 230sft min
  • Available to any suitably briefed and prepared PASA skydiver from A license up with CI approval*
  • Gear hire to JSC (when relevant) will be on the standard terms offered by JSC
  • The JSC Chairman may at his / her discretion adjust any condition of the deal and in such an event will provide a reason for that adjustment 


The SAP committee has purchased and placed into action a full accuracy system with DaVinci 280 main canopy at JSC to compliment the FRAS innovation. Details of hire:

  • To PASA-registered, SAP members
  • Strictly to be packed by the jumper according to the packing manual instructions
  • R50.00 per jump rig hire
  • Any jumper that can show a log book with 20 or more formally signed-off FRAS jumps within a 4-month period will have 50% of their rig hire fee in that preceding period refunded by the SAP committee (resulting in an effective R25.00 hire fee)


  • It is quite possible to engage with the classic accuracy system of flight management and target attack with a regular student canopy (including SL canopies)
  • All jumpers that choose to participate on FRAS jumps are strongly urged to take a few minutes to read and absorb the information at Accuracy Landing under section FREEFALL STYLE & ACCURACY LANDING and PARASKI in the PASA MOPs
  • The SAP committee will incorporate a series of mini coaching clinics into the future, in compliment with this opportunity that JSC has established. Further details to follow in due course
  • For more information contact JSC or / and SAP sub-comm: Simba at

Note *
eg: slot number 9 in the Atlas Angel when it is taking off with 8 regular paying jumpers
eg: slot numbers 7 and 8 in the Atlas Angel when it is taking off with 6 regular paying jumpers
and so on
To be clear, a FRAS can never be in place of full-paying / normal jump slot(s)
JSC daily fee will apply to visitors

Let's make history in Africa

Lets boogie in Botswana

9 – 12 August 2017

The most extreme Epic of all previous Epics is closing in on us fast!

First of all, one of THE best experiences in my entire skydiving career, was the day I was introduced to Big Way Formation skydiving! To dock on the edge of an entire sea of people is such an incredible experience I can hardly find any words that will do it justice.

This experience was even more special knowing that I was being awarded the privilege to share the skies with a World Champion and former member of Arizona Airspeed, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, author of the sought after book “Above All Else”. To attend one of his P3 events in Perris California these days, would set you back approximately R60,000.00 to R80,000.00 should you fly out from South Africa.

So, when the Parachute Association of Botswana requested me to organise some Big Way Formations on their next Makgadikgadi Epic boogie to be held in the Makgadikgadi salt pans, this time at Sowa Town, Botswana, I started thinking…

Seeing that we do have a Hercules C130 available, and seeing that the Botswana Defence Force has already agreed to allow us full oxygen support for high altitude exits, why not invite Dan BC and bring the proverbial “Moses to the Mountain” to do some proper Big Way Organising right here in Africa?

Over and above that, Taya Weiss, who is no stranger to most of us, will accompany Dan to the 2017 Epic to host Big Way Wing Suit flocking formations! With the mentioned oxygen support, we are expecting to be allowed altitudes that will put us well in the required range of the record jumps intended (We don’t want to set our aims too high, so we are starting with a 50 Way).

Dan and Taya have already booked their flights and are confirmed and on their way to give you the best experience in your life! This is an absolute historical event! The first ever International Big Way Camp in Africa, lead by World Famous Big Way Formation Organisers!

We have received word of some SA Skydivers being concerned that the wind might be a problem as the Boogie is being scheduled for early August. Well, the 2016 Epic was scheduled over late July and we had great weather!

For some more peace of mind, please see the information below, courtesy of :



These are perfect weather conditions and do bear in mind that the high windy season did move on a bit as we experience now until even deep into October/November. 

The second concern everyone normally would bring up (especially from the more experienced skydivers), are the experience levels of fellow jumpers. One can understand this as you would not like to travel all that distance, only to be bombed out of your slot from the formation, now do you? Well, we do offer offer some reassurance regarding that too:

One, we have the one and only Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld organising, (this man is phenomenal at what he does, he is the guy who had to sign off Chuck Norris). 

Secondly, we have over 30 overseas Big Way Formation Skydivers who have already registered and who will be following Dan BC from all over the Globe to come and participate in the Big Way Formation events, making the first 50 way over African soil to be a much bigger possibilty (and a new record by the way).

There is a luxury coach available at a mere R720.00 (return) that will safely take you all the way to the boogie and back, leaving from Monte Casino.

All you need to do is pay and do your registration on the link below! 

At the current exchange rate your registration of $400.00 (USD) and an additional $100.00 (USD) for meals will cost you just short of R6,500.00 South African Rands, buying you: 13 Skydives, full tented accommodation (maintained bedding included) and breakfast and dinner for duration of boogie (these guys do make excellent food, believe me)

Guys you are getting all this for a mere R500.00 per slot!

We really hope to see you all there! 

Register now at:

Contact Jana ( or Pottie ( if you have any questions.

Eugene Potgieter, D860



For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

Freefalling Facts

Did you know that if you pack your own gear you can check for wear and tear? You can prevent damage and/or possible malfunctions. Some of the most important checks in the next Toggle Time Issue.

Upcoming Events

RSC is moving to Klerksdorp for the weekend of 4 to 6 August 2017

- Slot rate is R200 for the 1st 280 slots sold
- All loads to 12000ft AGL
- No registration fee
- 2 Atlas Angels with 1 dedicated to fun jumpers
- 1st load each morning on the fun jump aircraft free to the 1st 9 people with gear at the aircraft
- Free camping at the P C Pelser Airfield with renovated ablutions
- A Licence minimum is required as its a temp DZ
- Tandem bookings and & jump info please contact Danelle below 

Contact Danelle Field by email to book your slots  or call 079 345 7058 for more information

Registration form

Licences and Ratings
A7590 Janco Barnard Skydive Parys
A7591 Anthony Bell Skydive Mossel Bay
A7592 Renier Jansen Bloemfontein Parachute Club
B3035 Suvarn Naidoo Skydive on the Vaal
B3036 Ian Jacobs Skydive on the Vaal
B3037 Binyamin Kurman Pretoria Skydiving Club 
B3038 Jana Niemoller Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3039 Kyle Bell Skydive Robertson 
B3040 Melina Dimitrakakis Skydive Mossel Bay  
C1911 Bernard Janse van Rensburg Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1912 Brendan Smit Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1913 Gert-Louis Cilliers Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1914 Ehan Groenewald Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1915 David Cronje Pretoria Skydiving Club
PRO484 Joggie Botma Skydive Secunda
PRO485 Ilke Greeff Johannesburg Skydiving Club


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