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  • A Chinese Star with South Africans involved
  • South Africa needs CP judges - are you in?
  • Gauteng Summer Jol - December 2017
  • Nationals is Soon - Get your training in!
  • South Africa is hosting FAI CP World Cup 2019
  • Licences and Ratings
A Chinese Star with South Africans involved

In October 2017, a group of 45 skydivers from 8 countries attended the World Fly-In Expo in Wuhan, China. South Africa was represented by Amy Kirtland and Paul Marcellin (Simba). According to Simba, there were more ties to South Africa in this selected group of skydivers:

  • Those with South African accents: Amy Kirtland, Kevin Schaefer, Paul Leslie-Smith, Solly Williams and Simba
  • Additionally: Hari Ganapathy (UK) spent 4 years in SA at the beginning of his skydive career
To read the full article that was published in the Parachutist Magazine click here.
We would like to thank the Parachutist Magazine for allowing us to publish the article written by Jim McCormick as well as credit the photos of Ralph Wilhelm, Stephen Tonson, Zach Lewis.

South Africa needs CP judges - are you in?

The CP committee is looking for people that are interested in Canopy Piloting but are not planning on competing. We need CP judges desperately. We have been raising funds to get an international judge to come to South Africa to hold a judging course. We are looking at holding the judging course shortly before and during CP Nationals which is  taking place at PSC from the 27th of April to the 1st of May.

If you are interested in becoming a CP judge, please let me know:

Gauteng Summer Jol - December 2017

Summer Holidays: Boogies at the beach, beers with friends after a hot day skydiving and of course the traditional New Years Eve party and bonfire . This was how I spent my last 3 December holidays. 

However after neglecting the family for 3 years in a row I agreed to spend Christmas in JHB this year expecting all the drop zones to be closed....Enter the Summer Jol Boogie.

PSC hosted the first inland December boogie in years. They arranged top level load organisers in all disciplines and as a bonus it seemed many of my Gauteng based friends would be attending. The holidays were looking up.

PSC has the best sunsets - Dylan Hemer

I spent most of the boogie wingsuiting, when you have the opportunity to skydive with someone like Julian Boulle you make the most of it. The skydives were challenging but everyone was having fun and learning. Fast, dynamic and steep flying was the goal and control was needed to keep things safe. This style is a current trend in wingsuiting, influenced by top level freeflyers who have taken up the discipline in the past few years.

There were a few weather holds during the boogie with wind and highveld thunderstorms paying the DZ a visit resulting in some amazing sunsets. The down time was not wasted with "Corn in the Hole" teams facing off and a slack line being rigged. The slack line thankfully did not result in any injured skydivers and many people managed to progress from balancing with assistance to taking multiple steps. Throughout the boogie raffles were also held with prizes including jump tickets, coaching and an action camera.

Waldo and Julian carving a cloud - Dylan Hemer 

 A few days into the boogie and the wingsuit group got introduced to XRW. This was new to many of us and we were lucky to have Max Manow and his tiny Petra to fly with. Max was super chilled and was calling people to try take docks from the 2nd jump. The XRW jumps were lots of fun with cool visuals and a slow fall rate resulting in lots of working time to take it all in. I ended off the boogie with a few FS jumps to jump with friends and that was it for skydiving in 2017.
XRW - Dylan Hemer 

PSC put on a fun New Years eve party to end off the boogie with a DJ, lasers, bonfire, braais and beers flowing. My December boogie experience may not have included a beach this year but it was still a proper Jol.

Dylan Hemer, D965

Nationals is Soon - Get your training in!

Nationals is coming up very soon. Mark the dates in your calendar: 28th March to 2nd of April 2018 in Rustenburg and start planning how best to get your training in - it is already February!!! Here is what the different clubs offer:

Rustenburg Skydiving Club

4way Teams if you book 10 slots per team your cameraman gets 5 of his jumps free thats a value of R1550
8 way Teams get your camera slot free at all times.
2way Teams only pay R200 per camera slot
FreeFly Teams go to 13000ft for only R310 per slot.We are busy with oxygen arrangements.

We can do weekday training if there is atleast 1 4way team and 1 2way team and minimum of 6 jumps a day.

To Manifest just sms / Call or Whatsapp 0793457058 or


Johannesburg Skydiving Club:

4 & 8 Way Teams:

Manifest and pay for 10 team jumps and your camera guy is on us!!!

2 Way Teams:

Manifest and pay for 10 team jumps and we will cover 50% of your camera man.

The special is for all registered teams and is valid up until Nationals.  This is not limited to amount of jumps done in a month or a weekend.

Take advantage of the special and get your training done ASAP

Pretoria Skydiving Club

We would like to support our members that are planning to go to Nationals or other competitions (all team members have to be club members to receive the discount for the team). So for the whole year of 2018:

 4 way teams: your camera man is on us 

 2 way teams: we cover 50% of your camera person's ticket

 freefly/freestyle teams: if you buy a 30 jump ticket bundle up front for your team: we will give you R20 per ticket off (30 jump bundle is R8400 for the team) 

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

South Africa is hosting FAI CP World Cup 2019


The SSA CP committee is proud to announce that we will be hosting the 10th FAI Canopy Piloting World Cup 2019 from the 19th to the 24th of November 2019 at Skydive Pretoria.



Licences and Ratings


A7631  Gianni Macri Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7632  Werner Jonck Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
A7633 Blaine Camons  EP Skydivers J Bay 
A7634 Gregory Arago  Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7635 Malin Kirjonen  SKydive Robertson
A7636 Paul Kotze  Skydive Robertson
A7637 Ché Freese  EP Skydivers J Bay
A7638 Kudzai Sean-Snowie Huni  Skydive Parys
A7639 David Gardinieri  Skydive Mossel Bay
A7640 Maurice Spilsbury  Durban Skydive Centre
A7641 Jacques Botes  Skydive Parys
A7642 Andre Bornman  Skydive Parys
A7643 Werner Winterboer  Pretoria Skydiving Club
A7644 Tiaan Jansen van Vuuren  Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7645 Thuso Ben Modise  Skydive Rustenburg
B3058 Candice-Lee Holder  Skydive Robertson 
B3059 Quentin Morel  Pretoria Skydiving Club 
B3060 Nicholas Cremonte  Skydive Robertson 
B3061 John du Plessis  Pretoria Skydiving Club 
B3062 Janco Barnard  Skydive Parys
B3063 Reuel Bosch  EP Skydivers J Bay
B3064 Riaan van Zyl  EP Skydivers J Bay
B3065 Renier Jansen  Skydive Parys
B3066 Gary Berkowitz  Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3067 Christo Myburgh  Skydive on the Vaal 
C1924 Antonie Swarts  Skydive Mossel Bay 
C1925 Jan Delahaye  Skydive Cape Town 
C1926  Tegan van Zyl Durban Skydive Centre 


JM1336  Jana Niemoller Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
JM1337  Munyaka Wadaira Makuyana Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
PRO495  Tegan van Zyl Durban Skydive Centre 
TM190SG  Jan Delahaye Skydive Cape Town 
CH177F Yolandi van den Berge Pretoria Skydiving Club

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