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  • P3 – Big Way Camps & Spring Fling – May 2018
  • SSA Event at Parys
  • Sakhele Tyakume - Sakkie - now tandem instructor
  • Peter Lawson Cup 2018
  • Diaz Beach Boogie 2018
  • Summer Jol 2018
  • Licences and Ratings
P3 – Big Way Camps & Spring Fling – May 2018

There are only a couple of places where one can have the opportunity to learn big way formation skydiving but P3 at Skydive Perris (California, USA) takes it to new heights every year. This was my second trip to Skydive Perris for big way camps after attending last year’s Big Way Camp and 100-Way Camp. 

Photo credit: Luciano Bacque

Big Way Camp had nearly 120 participants from nearly 30 countries. The camp started with 20-ways on day one, moved to multi-plane 30-ways on days 2 and 3 and 40-ways on day 4. Of the 18 jumps we did, everyone had a shot at being float, base, diving and long diving. Since this was a camp, the focus was on learning and never on completing the formation. 

Next came the 100-way camp. Even though I attended this camp in 2017, we didn’t have 100 participants then. Due to a few countries attempting their largest formation record, we had 110 participants this year. The selection for this event was based on the performance on the Big Way Camp and having been selected I was looking forward to day 1 with a few 40-ish ways. How wrong I was. Jump 1 was a 110-way attempt from 5 Skyvans. At the end of day 1 and 4-jumps, most sectors had their completion and we were looking forward to the remainder of the camp. Then came our friend WEATHER. We lost 12 of the remaining 13 jumps, and the camp finished off with great memories and learnings, but no completion of 100-way. I was fortunate to jump with two very familiar faces (Norman Langeveldt and Trevor Hawkins) from South Africa in these two camps.

Photo credit: Craig O'Brien

Apart from those two camps, I put my name in for the next event. The Spring Fling is an invitational 64-way yearly event, which combines big-way skills and 4/8-way skills. The selection was based on the performance at the 100-way camp and FS competition experience, and with weather writing-off most of the jumps I was planning to return to work early. When Dan BC informed me that I was in, it took all my acting skills to remain cool. But, I knew this was not a camp and the formations were not going to easy. We started with a 2-point 64-way with complete break, and things got interesting as the formations got trickier one after another. Of the 6-odd different formations, we could only manage the completion of 2 formations. 


Photo credit: Luciano Bacque

I would like to thank all the P3 coaches (Dan BC, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Doug Forth, Larry Henderson, Christy Frikken and Scott Latinis), camera team led by Craig O’Brien and my South African coaches who introduced me to 4-way, 8-way and big-way fundamentals.

I almost forgot to include: with 4 tunnels within a 50-mile radius, it would be a sin to miss out on a few hours of FS tunnel time. I even had 30 minutes as Outside Center on a 4-way, which was a first for me.

If you are interested in 2019 P3 camps, please contact me or visit as it looks like we may have a few more travelling from SA than this year.

Mohan Chudalayandy


Photo credit: Craig O'Brien

SSA Event at Parys

Dont miss out!!! Skydive Parys is hosting another skills camp. Secure your slots now!

For further information please contact:
(031) 502 6435 

Sakhele Tyakume - Sakkie - now tandem instructor

Sakkie, now amongst the small group of South African black tandem instructors, is originally from King Williamstown in Eastern Cape. Sakkie (42) did his first static line jump at EP Skydivers in Grahamstown 15 years ago in July 2003, three months after he started working there in April 2003. After a short time working in Knysna, he came to work as a packer at Skydive Mossel Bay in September 2014. By that time he had 214 jumps under his belt and his A licence.  

He was determined to keep skydiving and to progress further to get his B licence. In 2015 he received a sponsorship award from the Aero Club and PASA that helped him to get his B licence and work towards the jump master rating which he got in 2016. He realized that it could be possible to go all the way and talked to Henk Van Wyk, DZO at Skydive Mossel Bay, about the possibility of, one day, becoming a tandem instructor. He pushed ahead and dedicated the next two years progressing to a C licence, competing at Nationals and joining boogies where he could get his big way requirements. In 2017, he got his D licence and in November 2017 he got his tandem instructor rating. Today, Sakkie is a fully qualified member of our tandem instructor team.

When asked how he feels about being a tandem instructor now, he said, “I’m enjoying the work as tandem instructor but it’s serious now because of the increase in responsibility and it’s not just about me anymore.”

Sakkie’s next career move is to get his FS coach rating and will be going to Prague for tunnel work in July 2018. His long-term goal is to get his AFF instructor rating, which will be another first for South Africa. Well done Sakkie, who adds, “Thank you to Henk that helped make this possible and to the members and staff at Skydive Mossel Bay for the support and encouragement. I am very grateful to Aeroclub and PASA that helped me with funding.”

Peter Lawson Cup 2018


Skydive Pretoria is hosting the Peter Lawson Cup from the 22nd to the 24th of September 2018. Register now. Also, if you would like to participate and you don't have a team, please contact Ange - we will help you find a team. 

Prizes will be announced soon. Follow the event here

The following categories will be part of the competition: 

  • FS 4 way Open: randoms only
  • FS 4 way Intermediate: randoms only
  • FS 2 way junior/senior match up
  • FS 8 way speedstar
  • AE 2 way VFS junior/senior match up: AE SSA sponsoring 50% of camera slot and Skydive Pretoria the other 50%
  • Wingsuit Novice and Open Performance: 3 Rounds one of each will be: Speed, Distance and Time. If you win the round, the SSA Wingsuit Committee pays for your round.
Chief judge is Mohan Chudalayandy. If you have questions regarding the match up you can ask him. 


Diaz Beach Boogie 2018

Start planning now! 

Diaz Beach Boogie 16th to 31st December 2018 at Skydive Mossel Bay.

Skydivers at all levels are welcome, including progression students, A licence holders and higher. There will be jumps from 14,000 feet, 4 different beaches, brilliant prizes, live bands, inflatable boat jumps, lots of beer, good food and good friends. 

What you can expect:

  • DZ Shuffle to Skydive Oudtshoorn for lunch n punch.
  • Diaz Beach landing and pool party.
  • Santos Beach landing and boat booze cruise.
  • Wilderness Beach landing and breakfast at Beejuice Café.
  • Groot Brak Beach landing with dinner at Vette Mossel (eat as much as you can).
  • International as well as South African load organizers.
  • Freefly and FS coaches.
  • Visiting skydivers from all around the globe.

If you can, book your accommodation now! Mossel Bay will fill up fast in December and the early bird gets a bed.

We will be sending out details of registration fees and packages as well as information on accommodation. If you want to be kept in the know about the boogie developments and specials, please email Monica so we can add you to the mailing list.

Summer Jol 2018

For more information, email Ange

Licences and Ratings


A7669 Paul Putter Durban Skydive Centre
A7670 Fernando Cima Skydive Rustenburg
A7671 Steven MacTaggart-Short  Skydive Parys 
A7672 Ruben Rheeder  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
A7673 David Weston  Durban Skydive Centre
A7674 Mokate Queen  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
A7675 Vibin Dev  Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7676 Josh van der Westhuizen  Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7677 Gerald Hayter  Durban Skydive Centre 
A7678 Rob Cameron-Smith  Skydive Parys 
A7679 Andrew Mcleish  Durban Skydive Centre 
A7680 Louis van den Heever  Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7681 Ross Roets  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
A7682 Astra Downton  Johannesburg SKydiving Club 
A7683 Anthony Shuttleworth  Durban Skydive Centre
A7684 Derek Krasser Skydive Robertson
B3084 Le-Ann Prinsloo Skydive Pretoria 
B3085 Celine Hietbrink Skydive Pretoria
B3086 Hendrik Pelser  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
B3087 Kirshin Naicker Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
B3088 Kudzai Sean-Snowie Huni Skydive Parys
B3089 Marc Malinsky Skydive Pretoria
C1938 Lynsey Houston  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
C1939 John du Plessis Skydive Pretoria 
D984 Jorrie Jordaan Durban Skydive Centre 
D985 Elmarie Grobler  Skydive on the Vaal 
D986 Steven Taylor  Skydive Parys 


JM1339 Yolandi van den Berge  Skydive Pretoria 
JM1340  Steven Taylor SKydive Parys 
JM1341 Calvina Brian Strickland Durban Skydive Centre
JM1342 Anchen Martens Durban Skydive Centre
PRO498 Greg Waspe  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
TM196ST Josie Cotzee  Skydive on the Vaal
TM197ST Tegan van Zyl Duban Skydive Centre
TM198SG Johan Greyling Skydive Pretoria
TM163SG Stefan Griesel Johannesburg Skydiving Club
CH181F Chris Badenhorst Johannesburg Skydiving Club

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