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  • March is National Safety Month
  • PASA AGM 2019
  • Virtually LIVE! back, bigger & better than ever
  • FS Judging Course
  • Pineapple Insurance
  • Tshwane Boogie Days
  • Angle Camp at Skydive Mossel Bay
  • Licences and Ratings
March is National Safety Month

During March 2019, PASA drop zones will be organising activities to increase awareness around safety issues.

Look out for notices at your drop zone and ask your Chief Instructor how you can get involved.

Make it your business to learn something new about the safety aspects of your sport.


Current PASA members are reminded that the PASA AGM will take place on 19 March 2019. We encourage members to make every effort to attend. The AGM is an ideal opportunity to learn more about how your sport works and to meet the people who will be at the helm of your sport for the coming year.

If you are unable to attend in person, make use of the proxy form to make sure your votes are counted. Your DZO should be able to guide you on finding someone who will be in attendance and can hold your proxy.

Note: The PASA fees for the 2019/20 year will be ratified at the AGM so online renewal links for the next year will be emailed to members as soon as possible AFTER the AGM.

Virtually LIVE! back, bigger & better than ever

InTime Scoring & the SSA FS Committee are hosting another country-wide Virtually LIVE! Competition

Now with FS 2-way, FS 4-way and VFS 2-Way Basic, we have something for everyone. The SSA FS Committee has also put up a whole lot of prize money for the FS 2-way and 4-way making it a Virtually LIVE!, but Literally CASH! Competition.
Did you know that VFS basic will also be offered at SA Nationals in April? So this is the perfect chance for you freeflyers to get in on the fun and prepare for Nationals. 


  • A country-wide, live, virtual competition between all participating DZs
  • Run over 1 day.
  • Each team competes for themselves and for their drop zone. 
  • All events are over 3 rounds.
A perfect training meet before Nationals!

Entry Criteria

Sandbagging isn’t cool ;) and we want to include you all, so, there are a couple of entry rules regarding your experience.
FS 2-Way: At least 1 Novice (< 350 jumps) per team.
FS 4-Way: No entry criteria. Draw will be 5-6 points using all randoms and only Intermediate blocks.
VFS 2-way basic: At least 1 Novice (minimum Cat II and maximum Cat III) per team.
Each competitor may only enter 1 team in each event.

Date and Venue

All teams compete on 9 March, at their home DZ.

The live judging will be streamed over YouTube so teams can watch the scoring and follow the country-wide meet all day on the DZ. 

Each participating DZ has a rep to organise, drive and assist teams, and submit footage to the judges. The judging team sits in a central location, feverishly scoring as your footage comes and streaming the live judging out over YouTube.

Any jumps not completed by 17h00 on 9 March will receive a zero. In the spirit of Meet Completion, and to finish judging with time for teams to celebrate over a beer afterwards, we have to sacrifice non-finishers to the weather-, schedule- and double-duty gods. So postpone than anniversary/birthday party, be ‘sick’ from work, trade DZ duty days with a tandem master and sacrifice who you must to the weather gods, to get to the DZ and get your 3 rounds jumped.


Courtesy of the FS Committee, there is R6 000 in prize money up for grabs.

R 2 000 to the winners of the 2-way FS

R 4 000 to the winners of the 4-way FS

The VFS event winner walks away with fame, glory and confidence for Nationals.


Teams will have no entry fee.

The SSA FS Committee will sponsor all the streaming costs.  Aren’t they awesome?
Each DZ is asked to provide a computer/laptop for sending footage to judges, and big screen & the internet access display the live judging and scoreboards stream to all their competing teams.  Aren’t they awesome?

Thank you to them all!


If any teams cannot complete rounds due to weather/loads, etc. the competition still goes to 3 rounds and they just take the knock. Remember the sacrifice story above. Here’s hoping for good weather.

How to enter

Contact Dirk Venter and he’ll put you in touch with your club’s rep.

FS Judging Course

Want to see another side of FS competition? Sign up for the National FS Judging Course in Pretoria.

Dates: 16 - 17 March 2019
Venue: Skydive Pretoria (Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria)
Cost: Free
Previous Experience: None required. You don't need to have any experience in FS and don't need to be a skydiver. Anyone can learn to judge.


Step 1 to becoming a Judge, this course will introduce you to Formation Skydiving judging. It covers theory and judging practice to equip you with the knowledge to train further on your own for the practical evaluation. An evaluation will be offered at SA Nationals 2019, or by arrangement for those who need more practice time or cannot attend is at Nationals.

Course Preparation

Required reading to familiarise yourself with the relevant rules and documents. Preparation of assigned topic from provided material for discussion in course.
Two days is insufficient to cover all content in depth. Key sections will be highlighted and discussed in the course, on the assumption that candidates have read all the text themselves before the course.

The Route to qualification

Judging is interesting and varies greatly from discipline to discipline. It’s not glamourous, and doesn’t pay but it’s a rewarding discipline and offers a peak “behind the curtain” to a lesser seen aspect of competition and record-setting. There is an intense, academic and diligent engine behind the systems and rules that make competitive skydiving competitive.

Theory, application and continuous practice
Proficiency requires knowledge of the rules, application of the rules and administration/logistics at events (competitions and records). Your judge training begins with the course and your proficiency develops through practical experience and exposure – physical presence and active participation at real meets.

  1. Attend a PASA Judges Committee Sanctioned Judging Course.
  2. Pass the theory and practical evaluations, gaining your Trainee Judge Status in the applicable discipline.
  3. Complete & log a minimum of 2 complete National Championships (or approved equivalent) judging that discipline as a official Trainee Judge, with performance sign-off from the Chief Judge to achieve your National Rating.
  4. With a National rating and approval of your readiness to attend an FAI sanctioned Judging Course, you may then attend that course, and pass the evaluation to gain your international FAI Judge Rating In your discipline.

As a current FAI Judge, you will be eligible for selection to judge IPC First and Second Category Events, seeing and judging the very top level our sport and visiting all corners of the globe.

Come along, see if you like it and try something different!
Booking essential – limited space on course.
To book a place or find out more contact the Judges Committee by Wed 13 March - contact details here.

Pineapple Insurance

By Mike Rumble, C1499

Over the past few months I have been working with award winning Pineapple Insurance to create a group within their app specifically for "Air Sports Enthusiasts & Professionals”, so WE can insure OUR equipment for ALL RISKS.  

Not just the normal fire, theft & flood… but also for sudden and unforeseen damage or loss whilst in use (until now unheard of in the world of insurance for sports equipment). In the event of sudden and unforeseen damage or loss whilst in use, individual items such as a main parachute, cutaway / reserve handles, reserve free bag and spring loaded pilot chute can now be insured against loss or damage... following a cutaway for example.

The Pineapple platform and the specifically set-up “Air Sports Enthusiasts & Professionals" group enables US to insure OUR equipment as a community, with the added benefit of each member getting their unused premiums paid back at the end of each year. 

Cover also extends globally, with no limit on time period out of country, provided the individual insuring the items has a permanent domicile in SA. For the purposes of insuring, a system should be broken down into the individual components that you could potentially have a claim on, i.e. the harness, main parachute, AAD, handles, reserve, free bag should all be photographed and insured separately as individual items.  Maximum value per individual item is R 75k.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Pineapple app here (if you have an older version update it to the latest version)
  • Make a profile
  • Add me (Mike Rumble) as a connection in the app.
  • Request to join the “Air Sports” Group
  • Snap pictures of individual items to get quotes on what you want to insure. (not limited to air sports equipment, can be anything you want).
  • For air-sports equipment you need to manually categorise each individual item under "Hobby & Outdoor Equipment" then "Sports / Hobby and Musical"
  • Remember to break a system down in to the individual components you want to insure.
  • If you are happy with the quoted premiums add the item to your basket and checkout.
  • Fly knowing your equipment is properly insured for ALL RISKS.

Read more here

Pineapple is a licensed FSP (no. 48650) and this cover is fully indemnified insurance cover underwritten by Compass Insure FSP 12148.  

Any questions or challenges contact Mike Rumble

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

Tshwane Boogie Days

Skydive Pretoria is hosting the Tshwane Boogie Days from 22 Feb to 10 March 2019 - open every day.

Many people are coming from overseas to practice CP but others are also coming to enjoy South Africa and jump out of planes while the weather in Europe is miserable. 

Join us for some Boogie Fun.

Some information for fun jumpers and FAQs.

More questions? Email Ange.

Angle Camp at Skydive Mossel Bay

Skydive Mossel Bay are hosting an Angle Camp with Naomi Kotzee & Julian Boulle.

Back by popular demand, the angle camp will be on the 2nd & 3rd of March and will be restricted to 16 participants.

  • Requirements: B licence minimum, your rig must be free fly friendly. 
  • You must have experience in group jumps in any discipline. 
  • One-on-one does not count as a group jump. 
  • Registration fee is R500 per person. 

Please email Naomi if you would like to attend, providing the following information:

  1. Licence number
  2. Total number of jumps
  3. Number of jumps in the last 3 months
  4. Details of group experience i.e.: how many groups jumps and in which discipline and how many skydivers in the group.

Licences and Ratings


A7694 Kaylin Sanderson Skydive Secunda
A7695 Robin Easthorpe Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7696 Oscar Carlsson  Skydive Mossel Bay
A7697 Etienne Human  Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7698 Grant Fairbrother  EP Skydivers, Jeffreys Bay 
A7699 Tyler Evans Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7700 Michael Klopper Skydive Secunda
A7701 Coenraad Ludick Skydive on the Vaal
A7702 Anna Moosbach Skydive Mossel Bay
A7703 Shireen Skrobanek Skydive Pretoria
A7704 Leonardo Araujo de Assis Skydive Mossel Bay
B3103 Peter Hewitt Skydive Mossel Bay
B3104 Alan Jones Skydive Robertson 
B3105 Jocelyn Kettle Skydive Secunda
B3106 Jan Du Plessis Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3107 Craig de Beer Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3108 Viral Shah Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3109 Mohammad Zahed Ali Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3110 Tiaan Jansen van Vuuren Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3111 Gregory Arago Skydive Mossel Bay 
C1954 Albert van Jaarsveld Skydive Mossel Bay 
C1955 Graham Watkins Skydive Robertson 
C1956 Clive Vardakis Skydive Pretoria
C1957 Philip van Coller Skydive Robertson


JM1353 Graham Watkins Skydive Robertson
JM1354 Dino Paulo Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JM1355 Stevan Boskovic  Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
JM1356 Caroline Rex Johannesburg Skydiving Club
JM1357 Devan Brussow Skydive Mossel Bay 
JM1358 Aimee Southwell Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
PRO504 Mike Swanson Johannesburg Skydiving Club
I213 Hendri Liebenberg Johannesburg Skydiving Club
I169E Bruce Askham Johannesburg Skydving Club
RP103 Corne Moolman  Skydive Mossel Bay
RP104 Devan Brussow Skydive Mossel Bay
TM206SG Albert van Jaarsveld Skydive Mossel Bay
TM207ST Niel Grobler Skydive on the Vaal
CH183F Arenhold Hooper Skydive Mossel Bay
CH184F Arnold van Dyk Skydive Mossel Bay 

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