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Team BEE
My name is Anthony, I grew up in Rustenburg. In 2007 I started working as a packer at Rustenburg Skydiving Club which was my only source of income.  I am a hard worker and I never give up. After many packing jobs and hard savings I was able to get in the plane and do my first jump and I took up skydiving as a sport. There is joy, peace, happiness and lots of excitement in my heart when I board a skydiving plane. The risks involved with this sport do not dampen my spirit: I love and enjoy it. I currently have a B licence, 250 jumps and 12 years in the sport.  

I wanted to compete at Nationals as a requirement for D licence. Carin Smit asked me if I wanted to join her in a 2way novice team, and I was delighted. We only did 5 training jumps together and we both were very nervous. I had never jumped at Wonderboom nor from the PAC.

When I arrived in Pretoria I expected a lot of rivalry and competition among the skydivers but instead, I found myself among a group of people that care about each other, shared their experiences and the love for the sport. All the people started talking to me and when I was free, skydivers came to me and explained the blocks to me. They were kind and helpful from the start, they gave me all the information so I can be a better skydiver. To be the only black South African skydiver at Nationals made me anxious. But the kindness I received was just amazing. From the creeping sessions to exits from the plane everybody was prepared to help. Claire in between judging checked our blocks, Amy started laughing when we pitched with our little pieces of paper showing the dive pool images, asking who’s black? - sorry - who's solid? Lots of laughter and fun.

I would like to thank all the people who supported me in achieving one of my dreams. The SSA and Mike Teague, the FS committee and Mohan. Also all the skydivers from Skydive on the Vaal - Ralph and Liz for my training jumps, Jimmy, James, Niel & Elmarie, Bernard and Harry Sinko for financial contributions and Dino Paulo for starting a Gofundme campaign to raise funds. Most especially, thank you to Carin for being my Team BEE partner and sharing this experience with me and finally Pieter, our personal caterer who packed our cooler box with nice food for Nationals.

My skydive vision is to be a Jumpmaster, get my Pro-rating and become an AFF Instructor so that I can be able to teach our young generation. I want to travel all over the world representing South Africa. I am still young and I know that I can make it.

My dream is to set a record that no one can ever break. As I weigh only 48kg - maybe jump the smallest canopy!? 

It was such a privilege to part of an awesome, well organized Skydive Pretoria Nationals 2019 and to get the Silver medal in 2 way Novice was overwhelming.

Thank you again and God bless.

Blue skies

Anthony, B3080

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

Medical Aid and Skydiving

What if something happens? Well, that is a question no skydiver really wants to hear. While most of us have medical aid or hospital plan cover, if you don't, you should maybe consider the following.

We never want anything to happen but when it does, its usually never just one thing and problems  add up. So, if you were to lie in the field and need medical attention, would you want the emergency services discussing where they should take you? Government or private hospital? That is the choice here in South Africa. When travelling overseas, hospitals might not accept you if you do not have medical aid. Period. Some countries may supply you with medical help for free. The question is though: Would you want to have to worry about whether or not you get medical help? 

As a skydiver, I truly believe the question of medical aid is non-negotiable and you should ensure that you are covered while skydiving in your home country as well as overseas or even in our neighbouring countries. 

I have learnt recently that some South African medical aids offer coastal products as hospitals are cheaper there compared to Gauteng and because coastal members are generally healthier. If you choose such a product, make sure that you have gap cover to ensure you can be worry-free in the event something happens or be aware how much you are required to contribute should you not be at the coast. 

Ange, D927

Dakine Ranger 60L & Dakine Ranger 90L
60L fits up to 1 rig (150 system and smaller) 90L fits up to 2 rigs or 1 rig and helmet
See review here 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable, weather-resistant construction with 900d ATC fabric
  • Weather, impact and abrasion resistant padded bottom
  • Removable, padded backpack straps
  • U-shaped main opening with #10 YKK zipper
  • Zippered end pocket
  • Two internal mesh pockets
  • Packs down into end pocket
Available at Takealot and Dakine South Africa

Makgadikgadi Epic Boogie 2019

PAB is offering a special discounted rate to PASA members for the Makgadikgadi Epic Boogie to be held in Botswana from the 12th to the 15th July! (Arriving on 11th and departing on the 16th.)

There will be a luxury coach leaving from Monte Casino (return) at a very affordable rate of $60.00 (USD) - exch R 896.72.

The following Tailgate Aircraft are already confirmed:

  • Hercules C130
  • CASA 235 (Takes 40 Skydivers)
  • Both Aircraft will be higher altitude skydiving friendly with oxygen support enabled

We will be having International load organisers in the following disciplines:

Formation Skydiving: Milko Hodgkinson and Sian Stokes

Freefly: Andre du Preez and Alethia J Austen

Wingsuit: Chris “Douggs” McDougall

This is a huge opportunity for SA Skydivers to get the International exposure our exchange rate normally prevent them from experiencing.

Parachute Association of Botswana has motivated with Botswana Tourism Organization that PASA members only pay BWP 7500.00 for full registration which will include:

  • Tented accommodation (with maintenance, comfortable maintained bedding)
  • Meals (three buffet meals per day)
  • 13 Jumps (non-refundable due to government subsidised event)

The BWP 7500.00 registration comes to R10,303.13 for PASA members at today’s exchange rate where the normal rate of $1050.00 USD would be R15,606.47 which is more than 30% discount.


You can register at

This experience would set one back over 50K, should you go to the home DZ’s of these organisers to go jump with them. We already have 44 experienced overseas jumpers registered, so awesome skydives are lined up!

Hoping to see many South Africans in Botswana!


FS C and D licence Day

Skydive Pretoria is hosting a Formation Skydiving C and D licence day:

Date: 27/28 July 2019

On Saturday, 27 July 2019, after jumping Skydive Pretoria is hosting a Goulash and Glühwein evening around the bonfire. 

Register with Ange

Licences and Ratings


A7705 Kurt Mattheys Durban Skydive Centre
A7706 Celine Lorenz Skydive Mossel Bay 
A7707 Michael Malchereck Skydive Mossel Bay
A7708 Richard Bam Durban Skydive Centre 
A7709 Matthias Reutiman Skydive Mossel Bay
A7710 Mari Strydom Skydive on the Vaal
A7711 Roberto Pucci Durban Skydive Centre
A7712 Alexander Venske Skydive on the Vaal
A7713 Chris Heller Durban Skydive Centre
A7714 Leanne Manly Skydive on the Vaal
A7715 Nathan Amey  Durban Skydive Centre
A7716 Riccardo Pucci Durban Skydive Centre
A7717 Duncan Garcia EP Skydivers Jeffreys Bay
A7718 Loyane Epars Skydive Mossel Bay
A7719 Jan Abraham Visagie Skydive Mossel Bay
A7720 Johanna Moreau Skydive the Farm
A7721 Bokamoso Baaitse Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7722 Florian Bohlandt Skydive Pretoria
B3112 Rodney van der Laan Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3113 Andrew Mcleish  Durban Skydive Centre
B3114 Dylan Meyer Skydive on the Vaal
B3115 Kaylin Sanderson Skydive the Farm
B3116 Michael Klopper Skydive the Farm
B3117 Donald Schultz Durban Skydive Centre 
B3118 Tarina Lourens Skydive Mossel Bay
B3119 Tyler Evans Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3120 Bogdan Shestopalov Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3121 Jonathan McGillivray EP Skydivers Jeffreys Bay
C1958 Bryan Pather Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
C1959 Zurika Bleeker Skydive Pretoria
C1960 Stevan Boskovic Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
C1961 Matt Futcher Johannesburg Skydiving Club 
C1962 Jacobus Nel Skydive on the Vaal
D989 Quinton Henning Skydive Pretoria
D990 Dylan Raffanti Skydive Pretoria
D991 Brendon Nortier Johannesburg Skydiving Club
D992 Johan du Preez Bloemfontein Parachute Club


JM1359 Andrew de Jonge Skydive Mossel Bay
JM1360 Henco van Wyk Skydive Mossel Bay
JM1361 Bryan Pather Skydive the Farm
JM1362 Travis Grosch Skydive the Farm
JM1363 Ferdinand Steenkamp Skydive the Farm
JM1364 Elmien Greyling Skydive the Farm
PRO505 Brendon Nortier Johannesburg Skydiving Club
PRO506 Devan Brussow Skydive Mossel Bay
PRO507 Travis Grosch Skydive the Farm
PRO508 Raymond Phillips  
I214 Alexis McNaughton EP Skydivers Jeffreys Bay
AI94 Alexis McNaughton EP Skydivers Jeffreys Bay
RP105  Travis Grosch Skydive the Farm
TM208SG Warren Hitchcock Johannesburg Skydiving Club
TM209SG Greg Fletcher  Johannesburg Skydiving Club
TM210SG Kevin Rielly Skydive Mossel Bay
TM211SG Steven Taylor Skydive Parys
TM212SG Quinton Henning  Skydive Pretoria
TM213SG Andre Fourie Skydive Mossel Bay
TM195SG Aimee Southwell Skydive Mossel Bay
CH185F Jana Niemoller  
CH186A Alexis McNaughton EP Skydivers Jeffreys Bay

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