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  • Updates to Wingsuiting MOPs
  • Swoop Africa
  • What to expect from a PASA Parachute Technician
  • Peter Lawson Cup 2019
  • Classic Accuracy Coaching Clinic
  • South African Nationals 2020
  • Licences and Ratings
Updates to Wingsuiting MOPs
The WS SSA committee is pleased to announce that there have been some updates to the wingsuiting MOPs, mainly applicable to new and student wingsuiters.
These changes have been made to help bring student training and our regulations more in line with international standards.
So what is new?
Jumpers with 200 to 500 skydives and with 36 of those in the last 3 months can now approach a WS coach about doing their first flight course. 
Previously, the rule required jumpers under 500 skydives to have completed 200 jumps in the previous 18 months and then apply for a waiver. The goal is to make it more accessible for people to start wingsuiting, provided they are suitably current.
The CATII in wingsuiting has become a 2 jump program with the focus being on evaluating a student's ability to safely plan and execute a jump as well as their ability to fly a wingsuit relative to the coach. 
The CATIII in wingsuiting introduces the student to a 4 way flock with the student having to exit last, safely approach the flock, join into a designated position and fly relative to the flock before safely breaking off.
New rules and recommendations have also been added regarding the following topics
- Tracking suits
- Wingsuit rodeos
- Wingsuit Fly-by's
The updated MOPs should be available soon on the PASA website.
Please contact the WS SSA committee if you have any questions on the MOPs changes or if you are interested in learning to wingsuit.
We have numerous rental suits available, which are suitable for beginner to intermediate wingsuiters.

Swoop Africa
Support the Swooping community and buy a Swoop Africa hat (R350). They come in the sizes S/M or L/XL (Uflex). We can get them to you easily in Gauteng area and for anyone else we can use Paxi and get them to you for R50. Contact Ange to purchase. 

What to expect from a PASA Parachute Technician

What should the owner and/or user of parachute equipment expect from a PASA parachute rigger?

“A parachute rigger has a critical responsibility to anyone who uses a parachute. For many, a special meaning can be attributed to ensuring the safety of a piece of equipment that may save their life or that of a friend. For others, attention to detail may keep a stranger safe during recreational activities such as skydiving or sport parachuting events.” – Parachute Rigger Handbook

“The owner and/or, in the case of B, C and D licence holders, the user of equipment is responsible for its maintenance.” – PASA BSR’s

Much as a vehicle is maintained as being safe for use by the owner, with the assistance of a qualified mechanic(s) and legally required to be roadworthy, so too is parachute equipment by the owner, with the assistance of a qualified rigger(s) and legally required to be airworthy.

So what do I expect when I receive my equipment back from an Inspect and Repack?

  • I expect that my rigger has done their job with pride, integrity and skill using their best judgment based on their experience and the information at hand.
  • That my system is airworthy and will function safely to the limits imposed by the manufacturer.  That it has been inspected, maintained and repacked in accordance with the applicable manufacturer’s manuals, the applicable laws, and to the best of the rigger’s ability.
  • I expect all the paperwork to be completed accurately and fully as required (correct repack interval, maximum weight and speed filled in, name and phone number, record of applied service bulletins, record of repair or modification, correct serial numbers and component data and date of manufacture on the system’s data (reserve) card; data panels on harnesses and/or containers filled in, packing and/or use records on canopies checked off etc.).
  • I expect to receive, via email, an Inspection Record accurately completed by the rigger (I don’t want to see a checked box next to ‘Main Ripcord Housing’ when my rig doesn’t have one!). I want to read informative, suggestive and useful comments in the Record (For eg. next to the checkbox for ‘Main Deployment System’ - “some wear to stop line, please ensure twists are removed at every packjob!” or next to ‘Freebag and Safety Stow’ – “replaced safety stow”).
  • I expect my reserve container to be sealed as per the manufacturer’s and PASA’s requirements.
  • I expect to be fully satisfied with the service I’ve received for the money I’ve paid.
  • I expect to don my rig and take to the sky fully confident, trusting and comfortable!

Timmy D727, RM92

Peter Lawson Cup 2019

Registration is now open for PLC 2019. Please register by filling in the waiver. Registration closes 17 September 2019. 

Event dates: 21, 22 and 24 September 2019

Registration: R500 (T Shirt, Goodies and Ceremony lunch)

Prize money: thus far we have raised ZAR 16000.00 which is up for grabs and many other prizes can be won! Our prize money sponsors are: Aerodyne, Theo van der Sandt and anonymous FS supporters. 

CP: Speed, Distance, Zone Accuracy and Freestyle

VFS: Novice/Open scramble - SSA is sponsoring prize money: 1st place: R2000, 2nd place R1000 and 3rd place R500

FS (4 rounds): 2 way Novice/Open pair-up and Open, and 4 way in Novice, Intermediate and Open and 8 Way speedstars

WS (6 rounds): Wingsuit Performance in Intermediate and Open

Some more information with regards to the event:

CP: 3 rounds Speed, 3 rounds Distance and 3 rounds Zone Accuracy
CP Freestyle: 3 rounds 
FS 2 way: Novice: less than 350 jumps and Open: more than 350 jumps 
FS 4 way: Novice: all randoms (3 formations per round)
FS 4 way: Intermediate/Open: all randoms and blocks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14
VFS 2 way: Novice: up to a CATIII and Open: C and D licence - SSA AE committee is sponsoring R3500 up for grabs (1st place R2000, 2nd place R1000 and 3rd place R500)

For more questions email Ange 

Classic Accuracy Coaching Clinic

Canopy accuracy is the single skill that all of us require on every jump and it is the original competition format of our entire sport. Competition in this discipline is more fun, and more tricky, than perhaps you have realized. Come and learn the basics with us.

The SAP committee is hosting a coaching clinic in partnership with Skydive Parys on 28 and 29 September 2019. All PASA members welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Chief coach is Thatch. 

Clinic format is combination of classes, 6x jumps and debriefs. Suitable gear will be provided (rental fee applies). 

Approx. price for the clinic, including jumps, gear rental and packing = R2700.00 (final pricing TBC). 

R800.00 of the total is required as a deposit to secure your slot – non-refundable. 

Limited slots available. Think fast.

Please register interest here 

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

South African Nationals 2020

It is with great pleasure that the SSA announces the host for PASA 2020 South African Nationals Championships in all disciplines will be Johannesburg Skydiving Club.

Mark the dates in your calendar: 

- Training dates: 20-21 April 2020

- Competition dates: 22-26 April 2020

- Carletonville Airfield

Bulletin 1 can be expected 3 February 2020. For details on the bid please follow this link

Licences and Ratings


A7723 Marisca Labuschagne Skydive The Farm
A7724 Theo van der Sandt Skydive Pretoria
A7725  Henri van Zyl Skydive The Farm
A7724 Caitlin Bateman Skydive Parys
A7727 Ernest Raats Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7728 Jan Swart Skydive Pretoria
A7729 Ryan Phillips Skydive on the Vaal
A7730 Meghan Janse van Rensburg Skydive Cape Town
A7731 Andrew Hull Skydive Pretoria
A7732 Zander Smith Skydive Robertson
A7733 John Patrick van Rensburg Skydive Mossel Bay
A7734 Jaco Vermeulen Skydive Parys
A7735 Jaco Burger Skydive Parys
B3122 Tesra Collins Skydive The Farm 
B3123 Josh van der Westhuizen Skydive Mossel Bay 
B3124 Roberto Pucci Durban Skydive Centre
B3125 Michael Visser Skydive on the Vaal
B3126 Bokamoso Baaitse Johannesburg Skydiving Club
C1963 Elmien Grelying Skydive The Farm 
C1964 Christopher Koekemoer Skydive Pretoria
C1965 Andre Renken Skydive Pretoria
D993 Gilmerize Muller Skydive The Farm
D994 Henco van Wyk Skydive Mossel Bay
D995 Jason Baker Skydive Cape Town
D996 Munyaka Wadaira Makuyana Johannesburg Skydiving Club


JM1365 Gilmerize Muller Skydive The Farm
JM1366 Martin Prinsloo Skydive The Farm
PRO509 Gilmerize Muller  Skydive The Farm
RM92 Timothy Hutchings Skydive Cape Town 

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