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COVID-19 and Skydiving????

Will we ever skydive again?

I am sure you are all asking yourself the question daily. Yes we will. 

PASA is busy with ongoing discussions on a weekly basis with the Aero Club, Department of Sports, Arts and Cultural Affairs and Department of Transport to get skydiving going again.

We are using a multi-pronged approach urging our return to skydiving: to keep our professional skydivers' currency requirements intact,  allowing our athletes to train for our National Championships and International events, to prevent the loss of jobs for the people employed by dropzones and to prevent the economic destruction of our sport.

National Championships 2020

The SSA will be meeting next month to discuss the postponed 2020 Nationals and possible new dates. This is all dependent on the results of discussions with regards to the reopening of skydiving.

Once the SSA has discussed the matter and a decision made with regards to the new dates, PASA will notify members.

Jotham Malasha

Jotham Malasha

Also lovingly known as Justice or Just Juice, he was a long standing and permanent member of the Johannesburg Skydiving Club. He was world-renowned for his smile, sense of humour and laugh across the dropzone.

Never one to lack conversation, Justice was constantly talking to his friends, guests of the club and of course the skydivers who worked with him every weekend.

He was an exceptional skydive packer, which was a far cry from his original beginnings as a fighter for Unita in his youth. In the 90’s, he was even shot through his leg during a burglary at the club.

He lived on the dropzone with his son Darren, who grew up amongst the community for the last 16 years.

Alongside his friend Jabu, they packed hundreds of thousands of parachutes in their careers, starting back when it cost R5 a pack job. They were both very talented sport and tandem packers whose skills were highly sought after at the DZ. Justice travelled quite a bit with skydiving, always ensuring he had a spot at the boogies including the incredible Mmabatho boogies of the 90’s, Y2K at Citrusdal, Margate, Pietermaritzburg, Klerksdorp, Skydive Plett and lately, the Makgadikgadi Epic and Francistown in Botswana.

Justice was an avid Rasta and loved Bob Marley more than anyone else we know.

He will be sorely missed in our community and by the JSC family. 

Picture: His most recent Tandem Skydive with Travis Grosch

From 0 -> Monday, where are you right now?!

Was it a dream? Nah can’t be! 


About a year ago I came across the Tsunami Skydivers Exotic Boogies FB Group run by Rich Grimm (an all-round legend!). The next big thing Rich was busy planning, was a super-extravagant boogie to be hosted at the luxurious Mercure Maldives resort on Kooddoo Atoll in February 2020. 

Rich and Tsunami Skydivers are well known for their Blue Hole (Belize) and Costa Rica boogies from years past. These boogies have been absolute highlights on the global boogie calendar for many years.

The idea was simple, host a boogie with a bunch (around 440) of international skydivers over 3x 8-day blocks (these were appropriately named Atollapalooza, The Pro-Tanning Tour and Mayhem in the Maldives respectively) at a luxury resort (with ‘all-in’ food and booze – yes, you read that correctly) on an atoll in the Maldives. So, despite now being based in Zurich, I put word of the event out to some of my “Saffer” skydiving mates and was joined on the adventure for the third week of the event by Craig Browne (D368) from Cape Town. (The third Week being more wingsuit-centric with some of the Squirrel and Next Level coaches also attending)


Photo credit: Jeff Donahue

The chosen venue was simply fantastic with the runway being located right behind (a short golf-cart shuttle away) the resort – we were accommodated in over-water bungalows, the main facility had a fabulous ‘infinity’ pool with associated tropical poolside bar (from which manifest was run), an amazing restaurant (from which we enjoyed three awesome meals a day), on-site dive centre, beach volleyball setup etc etc. There was way more on offer than just skydiving when it came to daily entertainment (scuba with the on-site dive centre, beach volleyball setup, snorkeling, jet skiing, sunset drinks in the pool, movie night, pool table and darts to mention but a few) which meant there never was a dull moment (especially on the odd weather day) from time we arrived until we were ‘forced’ to leave.

From the skydiving perspective, nothing was left to chance. Rich being the supreme commander and chief with Mark Ehrmantraut in charge of the Safety crew, to Ronda Kaletz at manifest managing to not kill needy skydivers and doing her best to get everybody jumping and Markus Bastuck (the Aviation Master) with his Super Van all the way from Skydive Saar in Germany. Markus actually ferried his jump plane all the way to the Maldives and back. Also, a huge THANK YOU goes out to Ferzana and her staff at Mecure Maldives for making it such a memorable time and being so accommodating to us crazy lot.


There were a whole host of Load Organizers from all over the world, from Kate Cooper-Jensen taking care of the FS guys, Will Penny keeping the Freefliers cool, Regan Tetlow keeping everyone informed in FS, Johannes Bergfors taking it too steep, Lyal Waddell using the amazing ocean as a backdrop for some CRW/parabatics and got Craig to do a 2-way CRW Barrel with him and Randy Seib doing his best to keep the wingsuiters from landing off and having to swim back to the DZ! 

Tom Sanders and Brunno Brokken were the dedicated camera crew taking some of the most amazing photos and footage at the boogie. Check out the April 2020 Parachutist magazine, or Bruno’s YouTube video. Tom also uploaded his pictures here.


As with any DZ in a tropical climate, there were a few bad weather days that gave us a chance to not just skydive, but also drink too much (hence the article heading) and end up paying for new toys that got drowned/lost as a result…

The days (and nights) flew by and, shortly after we returned from the Maldives, the world went into lockdown – clearly a sign that we’d had waaay too much fun and karma was having it’s say! Everyone that was able to attend the boogie has, no doubt, thanked their lucky stars that the organizers were still been able to safely squeeze it in before the pandemic struck. For those that were not able to attend, the good news is that Rich informed us that he might (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) already be busy dreaming up the next crazy-awesome boogie. I’d thus recommend keeping an eye on the FB group mentioned above.

To close out, it’s incredible how these few weeks that have passed since that incredible holiday, feel like a lifetime and what makes a boogie such as this so great, is not only the venue, the skydives and the views, but the awesome people you get to meet and spend it with.


Cheers for now and stay healthy…

Oli Nöthen 


PS: To my sponsors: Cypres, Squirrel, Cookie and Aerodyne for making events like this possible – THANK YOU!

For further information please contact: / 
031 502 6435 

Lockdown Competition

Lockdown competition:
Enter our video competition and you stand the chance of winning a L&B Ares altimeter, a voucher from Vertical and from Airtec
🪂 all about skydiving: creative, make us want to jump and lol 
📹 your footage or footage of you
🧘 one video per person
🌈 something about Skydive Pretoria
⏱️max length 50 seconds
📲 post it on your Facebook and Instagram account tagging @SkydivePretoriaSouthAfrica 

📬 Email us at and inform us that you have entered the competition. 
Last submission 30 June 2020


Licences and Ratings


A7758 Jason Stoltz  Johannesburg Skydiving Club
A7759 Matthias Keßler Skydive Mossel Bay
A7760 Kirill van Oost Skydive Mossel Bay
A7761 James Stone Skydive on the Vaal
A7762 Calvin Atkinson Skydive Mossel Bay
A7763 David Ohde Skydive Jeffreys Bay
A7764 Thomas Reinhardt Skydive Jeffreys Bay
A7765 Michael Griffin  Skydive on the Vaal
A7766 Dale Harris  Skydive on the Vaal
B3144 Jason Savvas Johannesburg Skydiving Club
B3145 Alexander Venske Skydive on the Vaal
C1971 Ian Jacobs Skydive on the Vaal
C1972 Roberto Pucci Durban Skydive Centre
C1973 Bruno Heyduczek Skydive on the Vaal
C1974 Audrey Meier Skydive Pretoria
C1975 Caroline Rex Johannesburg Skydiving Club
D1001 Ehan Groenewald Johannesburg Skydiving Club
D1002 Scott Mac Millan  Skydive Two Oceans 
D1003 Rob Smallie Skydive Two Oceans 


JM 1374 Roberto Pucci Durban Skydive Centre
JM 1375 Ian Jacobs Skydive on the Vaal
PRO513 Bryan Pather Skydive on the Vaal
PRO514 Andrew Yorke Johannesburg Skydiving Centre
PRO515 Ian Jacobs Skydive on the Vaal
AI95 William Sharman Skydive Pretoria 
RP106 Francois Wagenaar Bloemfontein Parachute Club
RS98 Sakhile Tembe Durban Skydive Centre 
TM218SG Travis Grosch Skydive The Farm
TM207SG Niel Grobler Skydive on the Vaal


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