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PASA Chairman’s Message

Feel it! It is here – so the tagline for the 2010 Soccer World Cup goes. The build-up and hype around this great sporting event has touched every South African and all aspects of our daily lives. Long may the Ayobaness last!

Putting the seventh issue of the Toggle Times together has taken longer than usual and we apologise for the delays. The ADZO board will be discussing possible changes to the PASA website and the format of the newsletter at our next meeting and plan to ensure a more frequent form of communication with our members.

In this issue we look back at recent events including Nationals in Canopy Piloting, Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events and Canopy Formation. A highlight at Nationals was the participation of Johannes Selepe who went on to win a freefly gold medal.

South Africa will be represented in Formation Skydiving 4-way and in Canopy Piloting at the World Championships in Russia in August. We wish the team members every success and remind them to pack their vuvuzelas.

Also in this issue:

  • The Volare freefly boogie
  • Skydive Robertson’s exciting photo and video competition
  • Recently issued licences and ratings
  • A call for Aero Club wings nominations
  • The SSA disciplines outline their respective plans for the months ahead
  • What the Cat II Programme is all about
  • The World Atmo League
  • Wingsuit Project XRW
  • Terryl and Jeff ask members to use the quieter winter months to commit your skydiving stories to paper for the SA Skydiving book project

As an association, we are very proud to count as one of our own John Browett Snr. or, Old Man John, as he is more affectionately known. Old Man John started skydiving at the erstwhile Pietermaritzburg Parachute Club at the tender age of 65 and is still actively skydiving 20 years on. As a token of our respect and affection for Old Man John, he was recently awarded with an Honorary PASA D licence. Having spent nearly 30 years in Hong Kong, Old Man John absorbed much of the Chinese culture and, with the number 8 being an auspicious number in that culture, we couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute than to award him the licence number D888. Congratulations, esteemed friend!

Durban Group
Smiles all round as members of Durban Skydive Centre congratulate Old Man John

As always, feel free to email this newsletter to your friends worldwide, and thank you to all who contributed.


Email address:

Norman Langeveldt, D434
Chairperson: Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA)


Freefly Skills Camp : 6 – 7 February 2010, Johannesburg Skydiving Club
Canopy Piloting Nationals : 18 – 21 March 2010, Pretoria Skydiving Club
Witbank 30th Birthday Bash : 2 – 5 April 2010, Witbank Skydiving Club
Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events Nationals : 26 – 30 April 2010, Skydive Xtreme
Canopy Formation Nationals : 12 – 13 June 2010, Skydive Rustenburg
Flying the big SA flag at the Klerksdorp Airshow  :  26 June 2010


POPS Mini Meet – Accuracy Competition and Night Jumps
Atmonauti 2010 National Championships
Freefly Skills Camp : 23 – 26 September 2010
Skydive Robertson Photo and Video Competition – from June 2010



New licences and ratings issued
New Drop Zones
PASA Management Council
Aero Club Awards


SSA Activity Plans

The Cat II Programme
World Atmo League
Wingsuit Project XRW


We’re moving quickly into winter, and that all means less skydiving, and more time to write up and send those stories that come to mind from your skydiving pasts!

We are now a little more than a year from the reunion at Wonderboom (Pretoria Skydiving Club), and we are still waiting for the many “promised” tales of the fun, drama, and the action that is going to make up your book of South Africa’s skydiving history, so please get writing folks. The stories and images are trickling in, but there are so many more. We want to start putting the pieces together folks, you know who you are, so please start punching those keyboards!!

Our original concern was to record these stories before they are lost forever, and since the reunion we have sadly lost more people. Mike Stanton is the most recent to have passed on, and Mike was undoubtedly one of our most colorful characters. Sadly, his personal memories and stories have gone with him.

Wishing you all a great, safe skydiving winter!

Please forward all stories and photographs to:

Terryl D342 and Jeff D 374

Mike Stanton

Mike Stanton – D273

MIKE STANTON – D 273 ……… 1932 – 2010

Mike arrived in South Africa from the UK in 1981 and became the Chairman of Witbank Skydiving Club soon after, a position he held for some 13 years. During this time he also had positions as the Parachute Association’s National Coach and Safety Officer, Area Safety Officer and Witbank Chief instructor at different times. He was known for his intolerance of authority and rules and he frequently incurred the wrath of his official peers and the warm chuckles of his friends.

One of his favourite activities was the frequent visits to Swaziland during the mid 80’s. Here, where few rules applied, Stanton was in his element. However he would look after his people with care. He did not tolerate staggering to the plane … or two were fine, a six-pack was taking the piss.

Mike’s jumping slowed in the 90’s. He married for the 4th time and his garden near Hartebeespoort became his pride and joy. Visits to Thailand reawakened a love for Asia he had enjoyed during tours with the British army in Malaysia in his early years and he eventually settled in Phuket and then Sri Lanka, including another 3 marriages before returning ‘home’ to the UK when he realised his health was deteriorating.

He arrived in Plymouth in 2006, a previous home town and had a heart by-pass operation in 2007. Suffering a stroke during his stay in hospital left him lame on the right side. He endured a further two strokes in the following two years, by which time he was virtually house bound.

He never lost his sense of humour or his love of the female flesh, pointing out to me a particular nurse he fancied during one of his last hospital stays.

Mike died at home in Plymouth during February 2010.

BSBD my friend.

By: Nigel Peart D 375