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Artistic Events – changes to freefly licence requirements

The Artistic Events committee members of the SSA have put a lot of work into updating and amending the C and D licence requirements for freeflying. It was felt, even by proficient freeflyers, that the D licence jumps were extremely difficult to achieve. These changes are effective immediately and will be reflected in the next update of the PASA Manual of Procedures scheduled to be lodged with the Civil Aviation Authority during the course of this year.

Overview of the changes:
The old D licence jump requirements fall away completely.
The old C licence jump requirements become the new D licence jump requirements.

All new C licence jump requirements have been set as follows:

Jump requirement 1
Unlinked exit, face-off, hand dock, forward loop, backloop, cartwheel, hand dock.

Jump requirement 2
Unlinked exit, face-off, hand dock, over under, face-off, hand dock, head up orbit once (at least 180 degrees).

Jump requirement 3
Back track with coach/competent freeflyer in close proximity with video footage of the jump.

To apply for a C or D licence in freefly, video footage of the relevant jumps must be presented to a member of the current AE sub committee or an authorised discipline signatory (as determined by the AE sub committee). Your Chief Instructor will need to be shown this approval when signing off on your licence application.

Freeflyers who have the current C licence will not need to repeat the jumps when applying for a D licence if they can present footage of the previously successfully completed jumps to the sub committee or authorised discipline signatory.

Please contact one of the AE sub committee members for more information:
Naomi Kotzee Email Naomi
Brendon van Niekerk Email Brendon
Tamsin Stedall Email Tamsin
Edgar Gaiao Email Edgar
Derrick Attfield Email Derrick