Parachute Association of South Africa

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Postal address: P.O. Box 423, Melkbos Strand, 7437, Western Cape, South Africa


Membership Renewal

Annual membership fees for the year to 31 March 2009 fall due on 1 April 2008.

Membership fees 2008/9:
PASA (includes SSA)   R345
Aero Club   R220
New licence / rating applications:   R100

Renewing and new full members are to complete General Application - Form 2 [click here to download form... WORD FORMAT] (NOTE: when asked for a Username & Password, click cancel, then you will be able to access the form for editing) and submit these to the admin office via post, fax or email along with proof of payment. Members are encouraged to do this personally and not via a drop zone. If you are not applying for a new licence or rating or renewing an existing rating, you need only submit Page 1.

Please note:

  • All students not covered by temporary membership are liable for full PASA membership before being permitted to jump (R345).
  • All A, B, C and D licence holders are liable for full PASA and Aero Club membership before being permitted to jump (R565).
  • All A, B, C and D licence holders are liable for full PASA and Aero Club membership before being permitted to jump (R565).
  • Rigging rating holders who are not active jumpers are liable for full PASA membership, before being allowed to exercise the
    privileges of that rating (R345).
Licence/Rating applications and rating renewals: Chief Instructor (CI) to check logbooks and conduct necessary briefings and tests. Relevant jump numbers and/or dates to be completed. CI to initial and sign where required. Ratings that are not renewed will be marked with the suffix “U” (uncurrent) on the membership card.

A CI should only verify ratings of rating holders that use those ratings at his DZ. All rating renewal documentation must go through a DZ and be signed off by a CI. Rigging ratings must be checked and verified by a Senior or Master Rigger.

No logbook - no ifs, no buts, no renewal or issuing of ratings!!!

Members are welcome to start submitting payments and forms now. Processing of cards can, however, only be done after 31 March 2008. A list of paid-up members will be posted on the website at under “Members” on 1 April and will be updated regularly. Only members whose names appear on this list, or who can provide proof of payment, will be permitted to skydive after 1 April 2008.

During the first few weeks following renewal, weekly batches of cards and certificates will be sent overnight to drop zones. Thereafter, they will be posted to member's postal addresses. Please ensure that you indicate your home DZ on your application form.

It is very important to tick your preferred discipline/s. The SSA allocates funds according to these ticks. For more information, see the discipline descriptions elsewhere in this newsletter.