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Witbank mini-meet and party - 1 to 2 March 2008

Join Witbank Skydiving Club for a mini-meet followed by a 90’s themed party on 1 March 2008. Music supplied by DJ Heath and DJ Flys Eyes.

For the day’s jumping:
 - 2-way competition, 2 or 3 rounds
 - Only pay 1/4 for camera slot
 - Accuracy landing competition
 - Night jumps
 - Lots of prizes to be won!!!!
 - Best and worst dressed

All welcome to come over so bring tent & camping equipment. Beds are available in the hangar but book soon to avoid disappointment.

Book your team’s jumps at

Sunday, 2 March is progression day. The day will be focused on ISP and CAT progression jumps. This doesn’t mean that everyone else cannot jump, just that we will have as many coaches at the club as possible, and ready to teach and evaluate you. Do not miss this day, it’s the day you will always remember as the day the coaches coached, and the students studented.

It is critical that you pre-manifest your coaching jumps with