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Atmonauti 2010 National Championships

It’s that time of year again, and can you believe a year has passed already...!

Last time around (Nationals 2009 - Mafikeng) we had a fantastic Atmo nationals competition with the participation of 14 competitors, making up 4 intermediate ARW2 teams and 3 Advanced ARW2 teams.

In addition, the Solo Sfida contests saw the participation of 7 Novice entries, 4 Intermediate entries and 3 Advanced entries.

In all, 27 PASA Medals were awarded!

So, what's planned for this season?

The Atmonauti SSA Committee is planning a repeat event for August this year.

More information regarding dates and venue will be posted shortly.

The Atmo Nationals platform is considered an opportunity to participate in the development of new skills, with the minimum criteria of "A" Licence and Atmo Intermediate Skills Programme (7 jumps total with an Atmo Coach).

Atmonauti Competition Rules are available on the PASA website ( - Miscellaneous Documents

  • Atmo Rules (350kb)
  • Atmo Annex A Inter (132kb)
  • Atmo Annex B Adv (273kb)
  • Atmo Annex C SAdv (312kb)
  • Atmo Annex D SFIDA

Any skydiver who would like to consider participation, or who has questions pertaining to the discipline, is kindly asked to contact Marco on (082) 6006569 /