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Ralph Ridge

The months has flown by whilst planning and compiling a newsletter over a period as busy as this. Since issue 1, we have had membership renewals, the AGM, Nationals in all disciplines, go-aways, mini-meets and more. Thank you to those members who gave such positive feedback to the first issue.

We are still in Phase 1 of the development of the newsletter and hope to start on phase 2 soon. We have added one new element to this newsletter and that is advertising which relates directly to the manufacture, maintenance and sales of skydiving gear. If you would like to advertise in the next issue contact the admin office.

While we do try to keep our ear to the ground regarding events at the various clubs, we need your help to ensure that the newsletter is informative and fresh. Let us know at of newsworthy events at your local drop zone - special achievements, team profiles, go-aways, etc. Include pictures and a short story to go with them. We also welcome feedback and suggestions for future issues.

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Ralph Ridge
Chairman: Association of Drop Zone Operators

  Name the PASA E-Zine


A huge thanks goes out to the members who submitted some great (and some strange) suggestions for a name for the PASA E-Zine. To determine the winning name, we turned to a few of the current members with the oldest D licence numbers and asked them to vote. Thanks to those who voted:

Hugh Newman D131
André le Roux D270
David Whittal D280
Leen Vliegenthart D316
Peter Lawson D354
Llewellyn Henman D359
Joachim Matthee D376
Roger Cordeiro D391
Manny Cordeiro D392
Norman Langeveldt D434
Wolfgang Gebetsroither D452

Graeme Waugh from Skydive Xtreme submitted the winning entry “Toggle Times”.







New SSA committee elected

New committee members were elected at the AGM held on 14 May 2008 and will represent the various disciplines for the next 12 months.

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Atmonauti joins the SSA


At the AGM held on 14 May 2008, PASA members voted to include Atmonauti (Atmo) in the SSA stable of disciplines. This will enable the discipline to receive SSA funding in order to develop and promote Atmo around the country. A committee of 4 representatives was elected and, moving forward, this committee will be responsible for working with NSTO to formalise the inclusion of Atmonauti in the PASA Manual of Procedures and for organising training and competition related events. It will also liaise with worldwide efforts to institutionalise competition formats for Atmonauti, with the view to send an SA Atmo contingent to compete at the Atmonauti World Championships from 2008 onwards. A demonstration Atmonauti competition was held at the recent Nationals meet at Skydive Xtreme. Future Nationals meets will include a fully-fledged Atmonauti competition.

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By Claire King

There has been very positive progress in the judges' competency over the past year. The quest to grow our judging panel began at Nationals 2007, when international FAI judges Pia Berggren and Barry McAuley were brought to the Nationals events to train and guide our SA judging team. An open invitation was sent to all members to join the training camp and learn about judging.

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History of Skydiving in SA


Great excitement as 100 of us gathered for a free jump from a Hercules C130 as part of an airshow at Springs. The plan was announced - there would be two run-ins of 50 skydivers each, from
10 000 ft !!

I was on the first run-in and (almost) everything went according to plan - as we descended, we noticed that the "airshow" was rather poorly attended ...... in fact, on closer inspection, we noticed that if there were 20 people, it was a lot !!

Turns out that our intrepid spotter had selected the WRONG AIRFIELD - in Benoni !! Imagine the surprise of some 20 aviation enthusiasts at Benoni airfield as FIFTY skydivers arrived unannounced !!

Luckily the second group was spotted correctly and landed at the airshow .... while the rest of us had to make arrangements to get back to the dropzone - as this took place in the days before cell-phones, it took a long time !!


Hi Skydivers

The North winds have arrived, sweeping the cold fronts from the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Point, and driving them inland, bringing high winds, rain and cloud. It is not a great time for skydivers, but this winter, we have a suggestion for a perfect way to pass the time on those non-jumping weekends !!

Light a fire, get behind your PC, and bash out those great, warming stories of your funny, crazy, mad or sad days, wild or bad ass, colourful or grey days!! Any events that stand out for you in your skydiving career, please send us a short and fun story, with details or pics if possible, to assist with our book on the skydiving history of our country.

We have some absolute gems so far, from a variety of jumpers and ex-jumpers, but we still need many more to make this publishing worthwhile !! So get writing !!

We are looking into having a reunion (the biggest yet) to celebrate skydiving in SA. According to the information we have the very first jump in SA was in Pietermaritzburg in April 1954 but it was in 1958 (50 years ago) that it became a popular past time.


We look forward to hearing from you ....... YES !!

Terryl (Cliffe) D 342 and Jeff (Ayliffe) D 374

Forward all info to …..