Parachute Association of South Africa

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Postal address: P.O. Box 423, Melkbos Strand, 7437, Western Cape, South Africa


Welcome to the first issue of the new PASA E-Zine. During the course of 2007, the ADZO board members agreed to create this forum for communicating, not only with existing members, but also with old-time skydivers and people interested in following the activities of skydiving in South Africa.

We believe that most of our members have access to email. Indeed, our database contains addresses for more than 90% of PASA members, meaning we can reach our members in an efficient and cost-effective way and on a regular basis. Initially, we plan to distribute one issue per quarter.

We have taken the liberty of sending this first issue to all current members with an email address in the database. Members are assured that the administration office strictly controls access to member data used for the distribution of the E-Zine.

The E-Zine has two phases. This issue represents phase 1 - a basic newsletter. Once phase 1 is running smoothly, we will look to implement phase 2 which will incorporate advanced functionalities such as polls, forums, secure on-line voting, obtaining sponsors or advertisers, photo competitions, etc.

We will strive to deliver an informative and interesting newsletter and ask for your assistance with this. If anything interesting (skydiving related) happens at your local drop zone, feel free to send us pictures (not high resolution) and a short story to go with them. Stories could include special events, noteworthy jumps or achievements, a team profile, go-away's, etc. We also welcome feedback on the E-Zine and suggestions for future issues. Send articles, pictures, feedback, comments and suggestions to

Email address:

Ralph Ridge
Chairman: Association of Drop Zone Operators


Readers will have noticed that this issue is nameless. We are inviting suggestions for a suitable name for the PASA E-Zine. Please email suggestions to with the subject line “Newsletter Name”. The winner will be announced in the next issue.







Discipline description

The SSA is there to help you, the skydiver, obtain skills in order to progress in the sport and to compete at national and international events. The tick boxes on the Membership Application Form determine the funds allocated to each discipline to promote itself. When you renew your membership, please think carefully about your discipline choices before ticking these boxes. You may select as many boxes as you like with your contribution being split accordingly. If you have any questions in this regard, please ask an instructor or an SSA representative (details are at undersports”), or contact the PASA office at or Telephone / Fax: 021 553-3398.

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Artistic Events – changes to freefly licence requirements

The Artistic Events committee members of the SSA have put a lot of work into updating and amending the C and D licence requirements for freeflying. It was felt, even by proficient freeflyers, that the D licence jumps were extremely difficult to achieve. These changes are effective immediately and will be reflected in the next update of the PASA Manual of Procedures scheduled to be lodged with the Civil Aviation Authority during the course of this year.

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Atmonauti, unlike traditional freefall that utilises the relative gravitational wind from “below” to achieve a multitude of stable body positions at terminal velocity, is the name given to the technique that intentionally utilises lift to overcome gravity in order to achieve relative wind (or a custom “tube”) at an angle of between 10 and 45 degrees, whereafter the atmonaut (atmosphere navigator) may introduce freefly body positions, while “falling” at greatly reduced speeds (90mph – 110mph), resulting in extended freefall time and increased safety.

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